A Simple Way to Flush your Lymph System

While searching for ways to flush my lymph system I came upon this simple method.   I tried it and could really feel the thumping in my right hand as I pressed it under my left armpit.   The difficult part for me was staying still for 15 minutes while I did this exercise!  Other than that it is a piece of cake.   I truly believe that the body is able to heal itself so I just love finding ways to work with my body’s energy and healing power.

Lymph Flush

HANNA KROEGER lymph flush

This is a simple and remarkably effective lymphatic system flush that almost anyone can perform while resting. It is originally credited to a remarkable healer who came to the United States from Germany during World War II. Hanna Kroeger was a knowledgeable healer who wrote a number of books on the subject of radiesthesia, herbs, folk remedies and gentle manipulations to treat a variety of conditions.

This quick and easy lymphatic system flush was taught to me by one of her students, a man whose life she had saved with her remarkable healing methods. If your lymphatic system is not functioning properly, you will feel a sensation of something dropping from under your right hand as you perform this simple flush.

To do the lymphatic system flush, spread the fingers of your left hand, then place the palm of that hand behind your head where your skull and neck adjoin. Now, place your right hand firmly into your left arm pit. Relax and hold this position for fifteen minutes.

That’s it. It’s that simple.

It’s perfectly safe. You can do it as often as you like.


As described right from Hanna’s website:

LYMPH The lymphatic system becomes sluggish with lack of exercise. Lymph nodes are located under the arm pits, inside the upper arm, inside elbows, at the knees, near the sternum, groin and pelvic area, and on both sides of the neck up to the ears. When congested, fluids are not delivered to the organs which then become malnourished and toxic. The lymphatic system transports tissue fluid and is pumped by movement. It does not work when you are at rest. 

If you have a hard, callous ring around your heel or foot, you may have a lymph problem.

To flush the lymph system: Place the right hand straight into the left armpit & place the left hand over the 7th cervical vertebra (back of the head). The fingers must be spread. Now relax! Hold this position for 10 to 20 minutes 3-4 times daily. Focus your prayers & attention on the patient. They may feel tingling in the hand, feet and heart. Hold position until the tingles go around the body. This procedure is easily done on yourself!

Chronic fatigue syndrome, severe itching, Epstein-Barr, Hodgkin’s disease, breast cancer, human papilloma virus, enlarged or swollen lymph nodes, lymphoma, tendency to hold weight in upper thighs (saddle bags). 
Supplements & Foods:
Bananas , barley, basil (for swelling), beets (red), burdock root tea (2 cups daily), cucumber juice, echinacea, lemon water, lettuce (for swelling), okra, poke root tea.

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