About Me

DSC01395Welcome to my blog inspired by my journey to heal myself naturally.

I was diagnosed with an early Stage 1 breast cancer (later determined to have advanced to Stage 2+ as it was in my lymph nodes) in June 2011 at 43 while pregnant with my first child.  I was in disbelief as I was considered a health nut by my friends and family and was proud of my diet and how I worked to keep myself healthy mentally and physically.   I was proud that I got pregnant naturally at the ripe age of 43 and was having a fairly easy pregnancy.    At the time I was studying intently how to have a natural birth.   Little did I know I would soon have another “hobby”.

Sadly, I found that there was little to no support when I announced that I wanted to heal myself alternatively.   I was actually shocked that the advances in breast cancer left no options for this.   I was looking to my doctors for support and found none.   I soon discovered that if I was going to take this route – I was on my own.   It was not an easy road and I think it was harder than the actual healing that eventually occurred.   For this reason I am writing this blog.   I learned a lot on my journey and I want to help and support others as best as I can.

My intent is for you to use my information to further empower you and help you make the best decisions for yourself.   My intent is not to tell you what to do or to recommend that everyone decline Standard of Care.   I hope that by reading this blog and the information contained you can free yourself from paralyzing fear and connect with your inner guide (voice) and find your own path to healing.





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