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In order to make this site more informative please share your story on how you treated your breast cancer naturally.   I have my story but I know my way isn’t the only way.     So please share what you did and how it is working for you.    You know what you went through so please share so you can help others on their journey!  I will post it promptly.
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  1. I received the diagnosis of triple positive breast cancer in October of 2012. Initially it was my intention to fore go all traditional western medicine.
    My husband was so devasted by the news and caught up in the programming of Western medicine, that I thought after 18 years of marriage we were headed for divorce.
    It took strong determination and faith in God to stand my ground and continually repeat my case that my body could heal itself given the proper lifestyle.
    In November of 2012, just 3 days before Thanksgiving I had a simple lumpectomy, refusing to allow any lymph node biopsy or removal.
    At that time I chose to go on a 45 day raw food diet. I easily made it through all the holidays eating my raw food, while everyone munched on turkey and all the holiday feasts. I was none the worse for wear and was highly motivated.
    I cut out all sugars, including fruit and all beverages; including wine. I drank only water or fresh vegetable juices.
    By the time my 60 day follow up with the breast specialist arrived I was rewarded with blood markers in the mid 20s. NO CANCER.
    After completing the raw food diet (cleanse) I changed my lifestyle to a plant based, whole food, organic diet. Never eating processed foods and bringing my own food when I visit friends.
    I have had so many people tell me: “I could never give up my chocolate, my coffee, my meat; etc. The fact is you can give up any thing you set your mind to doing.
    I fully embrace this new lifestyle and find myself loving it. Well, at least 99% of the time. I do have moments when certain things are calling me.
    I just returned from one week in Cabo San Lucas and managed to enjoy some fresh fish, caught by my husband that day, shashimi style and an absolutely decadent piece of chocolate cake for dessert. It was not a problem at all, didn’t make me want to resume the old lifestyle and actually showed me that I wasn’t, in fact, missing anything.
    Part of the new plan has been exercising, keeping my body cleaned out of toxins, meditating daily, color therapy and art. Of course there has been supplements added, the most important of which I believe are broccoli spouts and broccoli sprout extract, Immune XL, vitamin B12 and vitamin C.
    I would urge anyone faced with a cancer diagnosis to do research, lots and lots of research. There are growing numbers of people doing what I did and we truly must all support each other.
    Traditional patients can’t support us, even though we can support them. We scare them.
    After all is said and done we still have the same anxiety and concerns about recurrence and every time we hear tragic stories about cancer it still rocks our hearts. Even if just for a moment.

  2. Hi Rachel,
    Thanks for sharing your story. I was going through the same thing in 2011 with my husband and family. I just knew conventional treatment wasn’t for me. I had to follow a different course of healing. I do still wonder exactly what is going on in my body but I never have regretted not doing the regular cancer treatments. The treatments I found offered me answers to what was wrong with my body and what caused my immune system to suffer to the extent it could not get rid of cancer on its own. Conventional treatment does not offer you that. I was told by an Oncologist that it is a “faith disease”. At that moment I knew I had NO FAITH in drugs and all of my faith was in natural healing and helping the body rather than harming it. It is this belief that makes me strong in my conviction and I KNOW I chose the right path. I wish peace and continued healing for you!


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