Anita Moorjani Near Death Experience Sheds Light on the Afterlife and Healing

I heard an interview with Anita Moorjani on the Jeff Probst show last week (see link below).   She had a near death experience and explains what she learned about disease and how healing takes place.    What she said was enlightening.   Although it is not that shocking to me as I already believe in all of what she describes, what is amazing is hearing her actual story which confirms what I was told about my experience with cancer.    The other amazing thing is how miracles can just happen once we free ourselves from what binds us to our disease.  After her experience the cancer she was dying from just disappeared.   Read Anita’s Near Death Experience and get chills like I did!

The one thing she mentioned in her interview that she did not on her website was that she was told that the main cause of her disease was that she was afraid to be herself.  That she was afraid to live her true life.   She was given a choice to live or die and was told she had to be true to herself and not live in fear.   She was told that we all are loved just as we are and are supposed to just be ourselves.   This is the part that reminds me of what I was told by Suzanne Clegg of in my healing sessions with her.


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