Balancing Hormones and Tamoxifen

Tamoxifen: A Major Medical Mistake?

by Sherrill Sellman

My decision to NOT take Tamoxifen came from my gut.   I figured if I was taking the natural route to heal my body I did not want a drug to interfere.   I also was reminded how sensitive my body was when I had a C-section to deliver my son and had to take pain medication.   Just the smallest amount made me whacky.   My body wanted to no parts of the drugs.   With the help of our pediatrician I was able to find relief from homeopathic means.    Also being a young 44 year old who had just given birth and gotten pregnant naturally, I knew I was not close to being menopausal.  I knew that Tamoxifen would throw me into menopause rapidly and unnaturally.   I imagined that that experience would not be without some sort of suffering and discomfort.
I was comforted to find out that the SpectraVision Body Scan equipment monitors your hormone levels and would alert me if they were off balance.   What I found was that my hormones were generally fine but went off kilter when I started to eat gluten again.   There are also natural supplements to  help support hormonal balance.  So far the only thing that has been recommended for me is liver support and Alpha Lipoic Acid.    I love that the natural method to healing allows you to continually feel better – with only side benefits and no side effects.   I love that I am working with my body and LISTENING to it rather than taking a drug and allowing it to take over a function that my body already knows how to do perfectly.
Consider all of your options before taking Tamoxifen.   Many people may feel that saying yes to this drug is a compromise if they are declining all of the other options that their doctors have recommended.     Read the article link above for more information that will help guide you toward the best decision for you.

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