Being True to Yourself – the Key to Living an Easier Life

Being True to Yourself – the Key to Living an Easier Life

I just wrote an article on my HubPage entitled Be True-to-Yourself and Live an Easier More Fulfilling Life.   In this article I explain how I came to understand what it really means to be true to myself.    I talk about the vow I made to myself after my first marriage came to an end and how I was given the ultimate test to carry it out when I had breast cancer.true

Since I made this vow to myself life has actually gotten easier.   No, cancer was not easy and certainly no fun but my approach to the problem made it easier.   Once I dispelled the fear and remembered who I was, how I had gotten through things in the past and that I was not alone, I was able to listen to my body and do as it requested.   Once I did that the hard part was over.   I discovered my path to healing and the rest unfolded.    The instructions were not always clear but when I asked, the answers came.   Sometimes it meant I had to read a book or get strength and answers through other people on forums, etc.   But if you believe that the angels send you healers in many forms then you understand that this was all part of me finding my path.

Life is easier in that no problem shatters my life the way it would have in the past.   I shattered so easily before.   Every challenge was a blow.   I had no understanding about life and how the hardships are merely learning opportunities.  We are on this earth for growth not to stay still and do nothing.   There is no “white picket fence” life for the souls that aspire to grow spiritually.   So when problems come my way I try to remember that they are a gift…a learning opportunity.   I still instinctively panic at first and many times I am frustrated as the reason or lesson behind the problem is not clear.   That is when I ask for the lesson as well as the solution.   Once I get my epiphany and act on it I know that that problem has no reason to appear again.

Before I would continue to face the same problems over and over again like I was spinning and spinning and getting no where.   Now I realize I wasn’t getting the messages and making the right changes so I had to continue to face the same issues over and over again until I did.   Since coming to this realization problems generally go away quickly and don’t come back.   I move on to new ones and new growth opportunities.   I am moving and progressing through life faster then I ever have.   I remember always feeling stuck.  Thankfully I now understand why I was and have moved past it.

Understanding what it means to be true to yourself is the beginning.   Acting on it is another.  Being able to stick to it even through scary life dilemmas is the ultimate test.   Once you have mastered it in your life I believe you will finally find fulfillment and be closer to removing fear from your life for good.



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