Black Salve – Could this cure you of cancer?

I am not sure if black salve will cure cancer but there are a number of people who says it does.   I am about to try it for abnormal tiny masses found on my MRI in the same breast that I had cancer in 2011.   I also have a tiny raised lymph node in my arm pit that I have been watching and hope for it to go back to its regular size.

From what I have heard the salve, when taken internally, seeks out any foreign bodies and removes them from the body.    This would include a number of things like parasites and fungus, bacteria and viruses.    It is coming in the mail to me and I can’t wait to see what it does.   I am having another MRI done in 3 months to monitor the questionable areas.  I chose not to biopsy everything as I was afraid of it spreading if it is cancer.   I feel that whatever I have is contained and isn’t doing anything.   If I start poking at it I am afraid it may spread rapidly.    I have heard that biopsies seed cancer and I have heard it from a number of sources but the doctors refuse to admit that it is a problem.    Biopsies are the only way to officially diagnose cancer unless you are willing to have a lumpectomy and skip the test.    In my case there is no option to remove the areas unless I want a mastectomy.   That doesn’t feel right to me.

I am hoping that the lymph node will change or return to normal after using the salve as I am told it will.  If this happens I will be hopeful that the other areas have been helped as well.   Below is the information I was given on the salve and a source in which to purchase it.    Kathryn also helps you along the way to ensure you are using it properly.   Like I said, for whatever reason, I can’t wait to use this.  I wasn’t looking for this…it found me….that is how I know it is right.  I also get a very warm feeling and excitement as I did when I chose my other healing methods.


This is the information I was given:

Balm of Gilead

(Also known as Compound X or Black Salve)

This Black salve is not a pharmaceutical preparation endorsed by the medical profession. This black salve is made from Zinc chloride, bloodroot, galangal root, and distill water. This herbal preparation has been used on people and animals for external and internal malignancies, tumors, and viral infections. The reason it is called BLACK SALVE is because the herbs start out red in color and in a short time turn black.

Note: No claims can be legally made about Compound X. This instructional document has been prepared as a narration of what users have reported to be the most effective way to use Compound X as a folk remedy, and what some have reported as results. It is not intended as a report of scientific studies, and it is not offered as endorsed by the AMA or the FDA. It is intended to be an honest report of what is known for those who are interested. What is reported here is the result of informal trial and error on the part of many non-professional folks intent on healing themselves or their animals. What follows is experience but is by no means complete.

Historical Background

An early pioneer family was introduced to the Black Salve by Native American Indians. The formula was passed down in that family for 3 generations. For many years Black Salve has been used to eliminate malignancies not only in humans but in animals as well to treat viral diseases, sarcoids on horses, and treat abnormal growths of all kinds on pets. This is the original formula given to the family.

In 1890 Tom McCreary was diagnosed as having incurable, cancerous tumors on his neck by his physicians. They refused to operate, not wanting to risk injury to his jugular vein. Tom paid careful attention to a repeated dream that came to him about how to make a medicine to cure himself. After obtaining the elements and herbs for the medicine from some gypsies traveling through Texas, he mixed up a black salve and applied it to his tumors.

In less than a month, Tom was healed and went on to live another 70 years. Over his lifetime, he was a preacher, rancher, doctor, farmer, and sheriff under Judge Parker, living with a strength that became legendary. Tom kept the formula for the black salve to himself, sharing it only with a friend. After Tom’s death, his son Howard, and grandson Mickey, sought out the old friend who taught them how to make the salve.

Howard McCreary, attempting to make the black salve available to everyone, started a company in the 1960’s and had some tests done on “Compound X” in the early 70’s, at the University of Colorado to learn more about it. The Veterinarian College at Ft. Collins also tested Compound X and discovered that it killed all known viruses on contact. They found with one application, sarcomatoid on horses (similar to skin cancer) had an 80% cure, and with two applications 100% cure was achieved.

For many years, Compound X has been used to cure eye cancer and early viral diseases in cattle, sarcomatoid on horses, and abnormal tissue growths in all kinds of pets. In addition, ranchers, homesteaders, and folks of the rodeo circuits used it for external cancers, tumors and growths on themselves. Some successfully treated gangrene and even leprosy.

Today, people are using Compound X for moles, skin malignancies, warts, liver detox, diabetes, internal malignancies, herpes, chronic fatigue syndrome, viral diseases, tumors, yeast and fungal infections, allergies, parasites, lupus, gum disease, Aids related symptoms, and much more.

Tom’s son, Howard McCreary was the first to use Compound X internally. In the 1960’s he was diagnosed as having stomach cancer. After checking himself into the hospital and without telling his doctors, he took an oral dose of Compound X the night before his scheduled surgery. The next morning they postponed his surgery because he was running a fever that continued for several days. On the 5th day Howard said he passed a large quantity of black, vile smelling feces apparently the growth itself. When the doctors took x-rays, they discovered that the cancerous growth was gone. Howard went on to live another 25 years, without recurring stomach cancer. He later used Compound X to cure himself of bone cancer in the 1980‘s.

During the course of his life, Howard provided Compound X to thousands of people. However, in his seventies, Howard was caught in a blizzard and later died of pneumonia. Compound X or Balm of Gilead has been used successfully by tribal people and is now being used by the modern people of today. It is used for moles, skin malignancies, wart, liver detox, diabetes, internal malignancies, herpes, chronic fatigue syndrome, viral diseases, yeast and fungal infections, tumors, allergies, parasites, lupus, gum disease, Aids and much more. There are no side effects because it is herbal.


Compound X is somewhat acidic having a pH like vinegar. It is best to use wood or plastic utensils when handling Compound X (Balm of Gilead).

Using a non-metal utensil, or your finger, lift out enough Compound X to make a ball the size of a green pea. Pack the pea size dose into a gelatin capsule, and swallow it after you have eaten a meal! Take this dose once a day for 20 days and always on a full stomach. It will make you nauseated if you take on an empty stomach and it will make your stomach burnTake with food!!  This can also be mixed with food to hide it and make it easier to take.

Feeding tube instructions for black salve.

It would be wise to give 1/2 a green pea size in liquid food for a person on a feeding tube. This is dissolved in 1 Tablespoon of water and then stirred into the liquid food. Shake to mix into the food well and the give to the person.

 THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT– DO NOT TAKE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH.  And also is important to know that the capsules have to be made as you take this. The salve is water based and the capsules will melt.

After the first 20 days, during which Compound X has built a great deal of zinc into your system, it is prudent to take a complete 5 day break from the black salve. During these 5 days you may wish to double your doses of vitamins and minerals, as this will help balance the system. Compound X can be taken as directed above in 20 day cycles with a 5 day break for a total of four (4) cycles.

NOTE: Avoid caffeine and alcohol, take extra Vitamin C, and drink pure water. In addition eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetable, organic if possible. This helps in the healing and rebuilding of your health!!! The less sugar and refined salt and foods you eat the better. There are good alternatives to these harmful items.

Internal cancers of all known body zones have dissolved under the onslaught on Compound X (Balm of Gilead). Compound X hunts down and kills abnormal tissue wherever it is.

Colon cancer and uterine cancer have been healed with not only the internal dosing described above, but by also using enemas or douches of one quart water to which was added one (1) pea size volume of Compound X (Balm of Gilead).

Breast cancer has been healed with internal and external applications. Emphysema, Aids, and Viruses also seem to come under subjection to Balm of Gilead.

NOTE: If you are in the process of Chemotherapy or Radiation Treatment do not use Compound X at the same time…The Chemical action that occurs could clash with other substances.

NOTEBrain Cancer should be monitored by a professional, because the swelling that will occur, it may have to be relieved by a surgical hole being place in the skull to relieve the pressure.


Everyone is different, so proceed cautiously. This salve will cause a burning sensation if there is cancer or any activity present. Begin with a small amount of slave on ONE cancer, and follow the directions below. DO NOT OVER DO IT! Some hardy souls are able to remove several cancers at once. Others cannot. You will want to learn your own tolerance for this burning sensation, as well as how quick you body is able to remove the toxins, which will be released, so begin slowly. Once you have established what is comfortable for you, place a liberal amount of salve on the affected area. Cover with a bandage and leave alone for 24 hours or as long as you can tolerate the pain.  If activity is present, you will feel a burning sensation, and a white scab will begin to form.

If there is no activity there, then there should be no significant effect. Wash the place and cover with Vaseline or Vitamin E ointment and then cover with a bandage.


Remove the bandage at the end of the time and rinse thoroughly with warm water and soap. It is ok to get wet during a bath also.  After cleaning, cover well with the yellow salve (Myrrh, Golden Seal Salve, Vitamin E ointment, etc. I have found the yellow salve, (Myrrh and golden seal is the best for soothing and helping to heal. It is herbal and safe to use.

Twice a day (morning and evening) clean the edges to keep them loose and free of pus. Do not let a hard scab form. Seven days should show a core loosening and it should come out in about 10 days. Do not try to pull it out or force it in any way. The feelers and tentacles must come out too. Swelling will most likely occur and the cancer will be painful and/or itch. This is the normal reaction. The growth will change color after the first day, and may even become “dead white”. There will sometimes be pus as the body ejects the mass; just keep it clean. Keep changing the bandage and cleaning the area until the core comes out.

More than two applications do not seem to be necessary for external growths. More applications cause increased pain and longer healing time. This direction is only if the cancer is a surfacecancer. Deep cancers will take longer and be more painful.  It will take several applications to kill it and remove it. But DO NOT REAPPLY DAY AFTER DAY FOR SEVERAL DAYS.  You do not need the pain or want the drugs for it.  Let it heal up before a second, third, etc application.   Once the tissue is broken the salve will keep on burning the healthy tissue and you do not want this. The more you apply, the bigger the area becomes. I am here to help you with any and all questions you have. Call me!


 If you feel that you should apply another layer of Compound X, that is ok, just follow the above directions. But wait for 2 weeks before you do.

What to expect during the first 20 days.

Lymphomas, such as appear on the neck or arm, may change from the texture of a hard lump, to rather soft, pliable, even squishy consistency. During the first 20 days, you may continuously run a low fever. Sweat, urine and feces may take on an offensive odor and be darker that usual. At the 20-day mark, it is wise to have competent physician take biopsy, or test your cancer for malignancy. For many, but not all people, the test reveals that the cancerous tissue is dead but present.

Compound X (Balm of Gilead) is not a gentle healer. But neither is surgery. In many reported cases, it is a relentless substance, which hunts down and penetrates all abnormal tissue. It cannot be stressed enough that Compound X or Balm of Gilead is very potent. Do not assume that if a little is works more will be better. Use the smallest dose possible and increase only if necessary. Pain, swelling, and sometimes fever is associated during its use. Animals seem to mind it less that people.

In almost all reported cases, Compound X completely eliminates abnormal tissue and stimulates regrowth of either healthy or scar tissue.

More than half of the people who have used Compound X have reported that they ended with a moderate or heavy scar when the used externally on their skin. If scarring cannot be tolerated on the face or elsewhere, consider Vitamin E ointment or Castor oil or one of the salves mentioned previously.

After the Core Comes Out

After the core comes out, you will have a hole in your flesh and you may even see muscle, but it usually doesn’t bleed this normal. Keep it clean, soft and bandaged until the core area is filled in & new skin is formed. Colloidal Silver can also be used before you put a new bandage on. This will keep any infection from developing.

INGREDIENTS: Zinc Chloride, Galangal Root Powder, Blood Root Powder, and Distilled Water. Nothing more.



  Skin cancer For 13 years I put myself at risk of skin cancer by trying to get a tan. This year I had a red spot on my arm that didn’t respond to Comfrey salve or flaxseed oil.  I decided to try black salve.  When I put it on, it stung a bit and then the area turned white.  (When I tried it on a different spot, I didn’t feel anything at all.)  I followed the directions exactly and waited 2 weeks.  I also took it internally.  The white spot didn’t go away so I applied it again.  This time part of it came out but there was still some left.  I applied it for the third time and the rest came out.  When I was worried or had a question, Kathryn was really helpful in giving me support.
Now, the hole has closed up, the spot on my arm is just a little bit red and I didn’t feel anything when I put the black salve on it.   Ellen F., Denver, NY     2007

Squamous Cell Carcinoma. In August of 2002, I was diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma.  I had surgery in September 2002 to remove it…however the surgery did not remove all of it, so I had to start treating it with Efudex, (a cream that destroys skin cells)…after the first treatment I learned that it had not worked so I used the Efudex again…about this time I learned about Compound X…I read the testimonials and heard the success stories…but I am just like everyone else when it comes to this type of thing…I found it hard to believe that curing my cancer could be this easy.  After about 4 weeks, I decided why not…what did I have to lose?  I took compound X internally for the full 20-day cycle, took the 5-day break and took it for another 20-day cycle.  Amazingly, when I went to my doctor for a colonoscopy and biopsy – the colonoscopy showed that there wasn’t any cancer left to biopsy!!!  
I also had a melanoma on my arm that I have treated externally with the Compound X…this too is now gone.  Although I was unable to get people involved in the treatment of my Squamous cell cancer (due to it’s location)- I did let several people watch the progress of the removal of the melanoma.  Even the skeptics couldn’t deny what they saw with their own eyes.  Compound X successfully treated my cancer – and I recommend it to anyone who is open enough to believe that a cure for cancer does exist…we just need to know where to look. My heart and prayers are with each of you as you face your battle…God Bless & keep the faith.    Tracy Smith, Texas 2004

Prostate cancer. My name is Eric, I am 17 yrs old, was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2002. Drs wanted to start chemo and radiation on me but my mom bought the salve and I started to take it. After three weeks I went back to the Drs. and the cancer was dormant. They were so puzzled they sent him to Houston to M D Anderson cancer hospital. The Drs. told me after the tests were finished, Son I don’t know what you are doing but keep it up because it is working. Today, I am cancer free, and have gone back to school and back to work.   Odessa Texas 2002

Lung cancer. In August of 2003 my doctor told me that I had a large black tumor in my lung and it was inoperable cancer. They did not suggest chemo because it was so bad. It had spread to my stomach area. The Doctors told me I had 4 to 6 months to live. A friend in my church told me about the black salve and said I should use it. He went on the computer and found the information to get it. I wrote and ask how to get it; and in a few days I received a jar with the instructions on taking it. At the end of the first 20 days, I went back to the doctor for an MRI and to his shock and mine; the whole black mass was completely gone. He said I was cancer free. I continued to take it for the rest of the recommended time. I am happy today to still be alive and healthy.  Carol O’Neal, Wyoming, 2003

Warts on Foot Gone!!

The warts on the bottom of my foot are gone; therefore I’m a happy customer!  Thanks for checking.     Betty     December 2007


It is suggested that everyone be seen by his or her physician for a diagnosis. Although this paste is safe to use when used as directed.  Before chemotherapy was invented, all drug stores sold these salves. We have come a long way in making escharotics salves safe for most everyone to use.

Has been used successfully by tribal people and now modern Americans use it for moles, skin malignancies, warts, liver detox, diabetes, internal malignancies, herpes, chronic fatigue syndrome, viral diseases, tumors, yeast & fungal infections, allergies, parasites, lupus, gum disease, AIDS related symptoms. Completely herbal, with no toxic side effects

 Compound X has been found to have the following effects on the human system:

* Reproduces protein enzymes in system
* Strengthens enzyme structure
* Normalizes differentiated cells
* Responsible for release of negative cells from body by switching electrical frequency
* Oxygenates all cells
* Enhances oxygen delivery to brain
* Reduces excess fluid in heart, feet, ankles, wrists and lungs
* Actively restores elimination through skin, urine and feces
* Stimulates positive systemic nutrients in system
* Preventative, strongest of all antioxidants
* Transdermal poultice effect immediate, within five seconds
* Decreases all malignancies
* Reduces mycosis in system
* Ancient American Indian formula that eliminates degenerative diseases of modern civilization ( pollution of food, air and water ).
*Also works on killing the venom of Brown Recluse Spider bites.  Use as directed for skin cancers.
*Alleviates the symptoms of the flu and common cold.


I am here to be your support. You can call and talk to me any time you have a question. My phone number is on the jar so you never lose it. So please do not hesitate to call me!  512-573-9510
Kathryn or Denton Brunken
P.O.Box 753   Liberty Hill, Texas 78642
Ph. 512-573-9510 or 512-573-1759 or 512 778 9368
Price is $105 for a one and one half ounce jar with 100 empty capsules, free ship.
NOTE: We also have the kit, which includes the one and one half ounce jar black salve, 100 empty capsules, and the yellow ointment for use on the skin after removing the blk salve for $116, free ship. I will take check or money order. Please make checks payable to Kathryn Brunken.  For overseas orders contact me for price & method of payment.      

I used to have a website on here on biopsy spreading cancer but it has been removed but here is a testimony from someone I have worked with and know personally. It is her experience that you will read about here.

ABOUT BIOPSY. Helen told me about her experience with having a biopsy and surgery. 3 yrs ago (2008) she had breast cancer and a lump. She went to her doctor and he biopsied it. When the results came back he called her to come into his office immediately. After giving her the test results he put her right into the hospital and operated on her that day. She asked him why so suddenly to operate and he replied that after a biopsy they (the drs) have a very short window of time to remove the tumor before the cancer starts to spread to other parts of the body. He said they had 7 days from the time of the biopsy before it starts to spread. Now this is straight from a Drs mouth! So folks, if your doctor wants you to have one done, ask him/her about this and see what they say. I personally would never have one done and I would never allow them to cut on me. Beware of these things. It is not necessary to have them done to find cancer.

People always want to know if I have more information on the salve other than this article, I found a couple of web sites here that will give you more important info.









  1. DEBBIE BUTLER says:

    I am interested in learning more about this herb. my father has cancer of the stomach this is in the begining stage so i was hoping to find out the best bottle to purchase but want to make sure we are getting the right one for him. My father is 75 years old and is in goog health for the most part he is also a dibetic. Please help me out if you can, i look forward to hearing and learning more about this black salve for my father. thank you so much for some hope in my fathers future.

    • Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I don’t get my messages, I guess? I bought the salve from a woman named Kathryn. I found her on the cancercured yahoo group. I know this particular salve is safe. Her email:
      Price is $105 for a one and one half ounce jar with 100 empty capsules, free ship.

  2. Shawn DeVries says:

    Our family first found out about Compound X in 1983 when it was illegal to sell. My grandpa (mom’s dad) had cancer throughout his body….he was diagnosed late. But he took Compound X anyway. His white blood cell count dropped dramatically, and the doctors were stumped. My dad did not tell them for fear of legal repercussions. Grandpa did die eventually in Dec. 1984. He was just too far gone.

    However, my mom was found to have a tumor on her thyroid in 1992. She was scheduled for a follow up exam, and there was nothing left of the tumor but scar tissue! That’s right; she had taken Compound X, even though the smell made her sick to her stomach because she associated it with the death of Grandpa Bob.

    So does Compound X work? Yes….but not in all cases. But whatever the circumstances, I believe it is worth trying BEFORE chemo or radiation. I’ve known too many people who have gone through the suffering of chemo only to die anyway and live their last days in misery.

    The only thing I cannot answer for certain is whether the formula for Compound X is the same today as it was then. I would hope so.

  3. I would like to just buy the balm by itself.. I have capsules…. I ordered from you before… years ago…

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