Black Salve – Is it Safe to Take Internally?

Is Black Salve safe to take internally? 

Well – I sure hope so because I did it about 3 years ago and am on my 3rd round of it again now!    I am taking it to clear an odd infection under my right arm that I had since some of my lymph nodes were removed.  (My blood work is just about perfect – all in the optimal ranges* – so I am not concerned that it is cancer returning.)Image result for internal

Mostly you read about people applying black salve topically.  I was first introduced to taking it internally by a woman that makes it herself**.  She also counsels you through it via phone or email.    Some people call black salve – the magical cancer cure as per Natural News:

Indian black salve is one of the most powerful natural cancer treatments known to man. And this is primarily due to the fact that it contains blood root, a potent herb native to the United States and Canada that is already recognized among many in the natural health community as being effective in the treatment of warts, moles, skin tags, cherry angiomas, and skin cancer. But as it turns out, blood root is also effective internally as a treatment for ovarian, breast, bladder, bone and many other cancers.

Some say black salve is a brutal treatment like chemotherapy but does its work in a more natural, less harmful, manner.  Some say I am brave to heal in this manner.  Some say it draws out of your body all that needs to be addressed and is a very cleansing and emotional experience.

I read concerns with people saying it is toxic to your liver.  I have not found that to be true.  I had blood work done while on it and my numbers were all perfect.  They also say no sugar, caffeine or alcohol.  I have not followed that religiously.   I also take a number of supplements including a liver cleanse supplement, acidolphilus and enzymes.  I did not see that my supplement requirements went up at my nutrition check-ups.  They essentially stayed the same except to address some of the skin and lymph issues (that were there before).   I notice that although they suggest not supplementing on zinc since it is one of the main ingredients in the salve, that I may need to take some.  I started to get spots on my nails which is a sign of a zinc deficiency.  Since I never have spots any other time, I started to take a zinc or two a day and notice them going away.

I agree it is a bit brutal and, this time, very painful.  The first time I used the black salve internally I had a different experience.  I was mostly tired and I had rounds of headaches.  I had evidence of chicken pox and flus from my childhood exiting the body.  It was very exhausting mostly.   I remember the very first time I swallowed a small pea of it.  I had to go to bed.  I felt like I had the flu.

This round has been different.  I felt fine for the first 5 days and then had 3 days of headaches.  Then the pain in my right side started and it was severe.  Shooting pains and aching with a few days where I could not do much and was very tempted to take aspirin or Tylenol just get a good night’s sleep.   I discovered that Arnica Montana and Ledum palustre dum (homeopathic medicine) really helped with the pain and swelling.  It helped me get through the rough days and nights.

I am now on my 3rd round.  There are 4 rounds of 20 days where you take a pearl or pea size after a big meal. You take 5 days off in between.  I take mine after dinner in a capsule (or half of one) just to get it down more easily.***  The pain has now subsided greatly.  There is slight swelling and some discomfort but nothing like it was the first 40 days.

Like the first time I took it, I am monitoring myself with the help of my nutrition center – Advance Nutrition in Langhorne, that uses Spectravision Bodyscan technology to tell you what is going on in your body.  I am learning so much about my body.  The first time I took the salve, there were flus from the 90s and chicken box, measles and mumps from my youth exiting my body.   This time it revealed a fungus and problems with my lymph system.   The fungus did not show up until after I was taking the salve.  So I have to assume that it drew it out of my body.   I also have experienced mild rashes around my neck and on my back.  I had them more severely the first time I took the salve.  The itchy bumps I get now come and go rather quickly.

The swelling and pain has now subsided greatly.  I am learning so much about my body and how emotions and thoughts can greatly affect healing.   I have used my intuition and tried my best to tap into my all-knowing inner self as my guide to healing.  I came up with the thought to do the black salve again in my sleep and woke up just knowing that that is what I needed to do.   I muscle tested myself and it came up as a strong “yes”.  I also had it tested with the Spectravision and it came up as a positive thing for my body at this time.

It is not for everyone but if you feel strongly like you want to give it a try then you should go for it.   It is not going to hurt you.  It is uncomfortable but so is disease.  I wrote a post a few years ago that gives you **information on the black salve that I am taking and the person that makes it, if you want to learn more.

If you decide to try the salve internally please take a product that is safe.  I trusted this product instinctively as I could easily converse with the woman who makes it and uses it.  Also please know that when you are on the salve you are on a healing journey.  Accept it and flow with whatever it is drawing out of your body.  It is easy to fall into self pity due to the discomfort.  If you have a nutrition center or place that can help you monitor what is going on in your body – that may help you get through it faster.   Homeopathic medicine is very supportive and something to consider to help with the cleansing response from the salve.

I am not sure what to expect after completing the full 80 day cycle of the salve but I do know that it is NOT harmful.   I trust it to do the best job it can in clearing out whatever it is that does not belong in my body.   The rest will be up to me.  My journey of self healing and discovery is on-going.

*You can compare your blood work numbers to the optimal ranges which are far different than the laboratory ranges on your report.  Optimal health = optimal healthy blood work and does not equal cancer.
***Empty capsules can be purchased online or by emptying out some cheap or expired supplement (like from the Dollar Store).  If you purchase the salve from my contact, she supplies you with 100 capsules.  I use half of a capsule so I have more.  It just helps the salve go down your throat more easily and serves no other purpose.


  1. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You are a strong woman

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