Blood Work and Disease Diagnosis – Look at Optimal Metabolic Ranges!

I had breast cancer that was diagnosed during my pregnancy with my son.   My blood work looked “fine” according to the lab but were out of line according to the Optimal Metabolic Ranges – which told a different story.  I had no symptoms except for a severe rash which developed late in my pregnancy (they call it PUPPPS).    A blood chemist analyzed my blood – which was my first clue as to the trouble my body was int.   She told me I was toxic (although she couldn’t tell me the source), mal-nuroushed and a stressed with a weakened immune system.   She described it as  blood work  that you would expect from a junk food eater who just experienced a major life trauma – which was definitely NOT me!

Brief Synopsis of My Story:

I found a pea size lump in my early pregnancy which was formally diagnosed to be cancer at the end of my 2nd trimester.   I am an extremely healthy eater and have worked on myself spiritually and emotionally for years.   I couldn’t imagine how I contracted cancer.  I found out later after seeing a Nutritionist who uses the SpectraVision – Body Scan that my systems were in chaos.  The chaos developed because of the allergies – mostly to gluten but many other things as well.   The allergies caused my immune system to tank and allowed parasites and fungus to grow which then depleted my nutrients and created havoc with my digestion.


I refused conventional treatment (except a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy – all which showed cancer) and worked to heal my body by eliminating gluten, sugar, and the other allergens.   We treated the fungus and parasites, worked to heal my digestive system as well as the weakened organs that the scan identified.   I also sought treatment from a woman in Long Island, NY who works to heal cancer – dealing mostly with the emotional and spiritual element as well as a technique called Rapid Imaging.


All seems to have worked well so far as my systems are all back to normal, the parasites and fungus are gone, the lumps under my arm pits have disappeared and my scars are nice and soft and smooth, my blood work is now in the optimal metabolic ranges and all of the cancer markers are in the normal ranges.   I am also now not allergic to anything – including gluten.


I had been asking myself the same question as you and am trying to understand it.    I have found that when you look at your blood work you can’t just look at the Laboratory Ranges.   If you can find a facility that uses the SpectraVision – Body Scan that could help you identify what is really going on in your body.  (QRA is another useful test.)   I also consulted with a Blood Chemist who was very helpful in interpreting my blood results but could not tell me what caused the problem.


I asked my Nutritionist if every person she sees with cancer has the same test results as I had and she said YES.   She always sees high numbers (which are not good), including parasites and fungus.   The Blood Chemist asserted the same thing.  Given my experience and their findings I do NOT believe that cancer can grow in a healthy environment.     Something must have caused an otherwise healthy body to allow bad cells to multiply.   You just need to find out what it is!


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