Book – Dying To Be Me – A Must Read for a Different Outlook on Disease and Healing

Dying To Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing


Dying To Be Me

I wasn’t expecting much from this book when I borrowed it from the library.   I was skimming through it to digest what I wanted to take from the book.  Usually this means finding a page here and there that are interesting.   To my amazement I found virtually every page I opened to be a worthwhile read so I had to read the entire book.   It is an easy read.  It only took about 4 days for me to finish using only a little time that I had.   I found myself rabbit-earring many pages so that I could write down some of her most enlightening points.

What rang true for me was her talk of why she believed she got cancer.  She said it was FEAR!   She said that after her Near Death Experience (NDE) she learned that we are meant to live our lives fearlessly!

I had pinpointed fear as the thing that I had to address first in order to heal.   She affirmed this as well as the need to be your true self.

She felt that her whole life she lived in fear – fear of being who she really was and the fear of not pleasing others.   This is the true state of disease.   She learned that we are perfect just as we are and that by being true to who we are and true the gifts we are here to give the world is what we were intended to do.   We can not find happiness outside of ourselves and that self-love is the ultimate form of love.   By loving ourselves we can truly love others unconditionally.  When we live life in this state anything is possible.  There is no limitations.  We have access to anything and everything we need to create our lives.  Our only obstacle is ourselves and our beliefs.   There is no illness in this state of being.



I highly recommend this book if you are looking for a new prospective on yourself and the world.  If you are struggling with life in any capacity, this is a must read!



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