Book Recommendation – Cancer is not a Disease – It’s a Survival Mechanism

I LOVE what this book says and recommend it for those who are battling with the fear of cancer.  This puts it in a whole new light and helps you come to terms with what cancer is and how you can work to heal yourself.  Love, love what this author is saying.  I wish I had found it earlier but I am happy to share it with you!

Cancer is not a Disease – It’s a Survival Mechanism (Book Excerpt) by Andreas Moritz


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Below are some excerpts I took from the book summary found in Natural News.


The following statement, which runs like a red thread through the entire book, is very important in the consideration of cancer: “Cancer does not cause a person to be sick; it is the sickness of the person that causes the cancer.” And I will add to this statement that “Once a cancer has occurred, its main purpose is to return the sick person to a balanced condition of mind, body and spirit.”

Curing cancer has little to do with getting rid of a group of detectable cancer cells. Treatments like chemotherapy and radiation are certainly capable of poisoning or burning many cancer cells, but they also destroy healthy cells in the bone marrow, gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, heart, lungs, etc., which often leads to permanent irreparable damage of entire organs and systems in the body.
The toxic chemicals contained in chemotherapy drugs alone can cause such severe inflammation in every cell of the body that even the hair follicles can no longer hold on to the strands of hair.A real cure of cancer does not come at the expense of destroying other vital parts of the body. It is achievable only when the causes of excessive growth of cancer cells have been addressed and the body is being properly supported through its healing process. Cancer is the healing process that the body may choose to reestablish homeostasis. Not recognizing cancer as a healing mechanism can turn out to be fatal, and it often is.
This book is dedicated to dealing with the causes of cancer, not with its symptoms. Treating cancer as if it were a disease is a trap that millions of people have fallen into and they have paid a high price for not attending to its root causes.While I strongly believe that cancer is a final healing phase, not a disease, I am fully aware that most people consider cancer to be a dreaded disease. I make no claims that my understanding of cancer is the only correct one, but I propose it is one of many correct ones.The old saying, “Knowledge is different in different states of consciousness,” reveals ‘truth’ to be a subjective projection of the mind, conscious or subconscious. In other words, if you insist that cancer is a terrible disease that may take your life, this death-fright belief of yours is likely going to fulfill your dreaded expectation. Remember, emotional trauma suppresses the immune system and prevents healing. Likewise, if you perceive cancer to be a healing phase that deals with an underlying imbalance, your truth is also going to help you achieve a positive outcome of your uplifting expectation.It is unfortunate that the medical profession has by and large discouraged patients to participate in, or affect, their own cures. Patients are rarely included in the process of healing. Instead, medical treatments are now propagated to be the sole remedy for today’s ills. In truth, whether a person heals or doesn’t is largely controlled by the state of the body, mind and spirit of the person. Accepting this as fact can have enormous self-empowering effects which I consider essential for healing to occur and be effective.


Cancer is but one of the many possible ways the body forces you to alter the way you see and treat yourself, including your physical body. You may either make out cancer to be something dreadful that leaves you victimized and powerless or see it as an opportunity to stand up for yourself, your values, and self-respect. This inevitably brings up the subject of spiritual health, which I believe plays at least as important a role in cancer as physical and emotional reasons do.


Once diagnosed and treated, the vast majority of cancers are never given a chance to disappear on their own. They are promptly targeted with an arsenal of deadly weapons such as chemotherapy drugs, radiation, and the surgical knife. Dormant tumors that would never really cause any harm to the body, may instead be aroused into powerful defensive reactions and become aggressive, not unlike relatively harmless bacteria that turn into dangerous super-bugs when attacked by antibiotic medication. It makes absolutely no sense that at a time you need to strengthen the body’s most important healing system, the ‘immune system,’ you would subject yourself to radical treatments that actually weaken or destroy the immune system.

The problem with cancer patients today is that, terrified by the diagnosis, they submit their bodies to these cutting/burning/poisoning procedures that, more likely than not, will lead them more rapidly to the day of reckoning. The final sentencing may sound like this: “We have to tell you with our deepest regret that there is nothing more that can be done to help you.”

The most important question a cancer patient may need to ask is not, “How advanced or dangerous is my cancer?” but, “What am I doing or not doing that puts my body into a situation of having to fight for its life?” Why do some people go through cancer as if it were the flu? Are they just lucky, or is there a mechanism at work that heals them and restores their health? On the contrary, what is the hidden element that prevents the body from healing cancer naturally, that makes cancer so dangerous, if indeed it is dangerous at all?

The answers to all these queries lie with the person who has the cancer, and does not depend on the degree of a particular cancer’s ‘viciousness’ or the advanced stage to which it appears to have progressed. Do you believe that cancer is a disease? You will most likely answer, “Yes,” given the ‘informed’ opinion that the medical industry and mass media have fed to the masses for many decades. Yet, the more important but rarely asked question remains, “Why do you think cancer is a disease?” You may answer, “Because I know cancer kills people every day.” I would then question you further, “How do you know that it is the cancer that kills people?” You would probably argue that many people who have cancer die, so obviously it must be the cancer that kills them. Besides, you may reason, all the expert doctors tell us so.

Cancer is not a disease; it is the final and most desperate survival mechanism the body has at its disposal. It only takes control of the body when all other measures of self-preservation have failed. To truly heal cancer and what it represents in a person’s life we must come to the understanding that the reason the body allows some of its cells to grow in abnormal ways is in its best interest and not an indication that it is about to destroy itself. Cancer is a healing attempt by the body for the body. Blocking this healing attempt can destroy the body. Supporting the body in its healing efforts can save it.

Andreas Moritz’s book, Cancer is not a Disease – It’s a Survival Mechanism, explains the root causes of cancer and how to eliminate them for good. Available through Amazon.

About the author

Andreas Moritz is a medical intuitive; a practitioner of Ayurveda, iridology, shiatsu, and vibrational medicine; a writer; and an artist. He is the author of the international bestseller, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush; Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, Lifting the Veil of Duality, Cancer Is Not a Disease, It’s Time to Come Alive, Heart Disease No More, Diabetes No More, Simple Steps to Total Health, Diabetes—No More, Ending the AIDS Myth. Feel Great – Lose Weight, Heal Yourself with Sunlight, and Vaccine-nation: Poisoning the Population, One Shot at a Time. For more information, visit the author’s website:

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