Books that Support Saying No to Chemo and Conventional Treatments

I remember when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer Iwent to the book store and picked up a number of books searching for information to support my holistic way of thinking.   Many of the books I found at the time did not.   The biggest source of comfort I received was from the book Knockout by Suzanne Somers.   I remember the relief I felt as I read her views and I finally felt some bit of hope in my realm of darkness.   As my mindset changed and I pulled myself out of the dark, doom and gloom of negativity I began to see that there were many more resources, book and material on how to heal yourself naturally from cancer.   I was not alone in my thinking.  No matter how alone I felt in my world I found that there was a community that shared my beliefs.

4 years out from my diagnosis I have been able to clear 98% of the doom and gloom mentality and wash away my negative thoughts as they pertain to my life and my health.   In my quest to find compatible books and material for a book that I am hoping to write I have found some amazing books that I wish I had found years ago when I was feeling so alone and unsupported.

You Can Say No to Chemo: Know Your Options, Choose for Yourself

The Breast Stays Put: No Chemo-No Radiation-No Lumpectomy-No Thank You

Salvestrols was mentioned on a  recent lecture series on natural treatments that work to kill cancer cells.   This book highlights how it works:

Salvestrols: Nature’s Defence Against Cancer: Linking Diet and Cancer


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