Can H-86 or Avemar Help Heal Tumors and Destroy Cancer Cells?

I was recently lured into a long video ad by the Health Sciences Institute that began by stating that Big Pharma is killing us to put money in their pockets. They also went on to say how Hillary Clinton is backing the movement and is being paid big money to do so. None of this is shocking to me, unfortunately, but I wanted to find out more.

They shared that chemotherapy is the #7 most dangerous drug that is killing Americans and that there is a natural medicine that will kill cancer cells without harming the body called H-86. You may have seen this video and wondered what H-86 is and how to get it only to realize that you have to buy their book to find out – Miracles from the Vault.   I did some research as I wanted to find the answers for myself and share them with you.

THE 7 MOST DANGEROUS PRESCRIPTION DRUGS (per the Health Sciences Institute):

#1: Sleeping Pills (Ambien, Lunesta, Restoril)
#2: Cholesterol Drugs (Statins like Baycol)
#3: Blood Pressure Drugs (Beta-Blockers, Calcium Channel Blockers)
#4: Alzheimer’s Drugs (Aricept 23)
#5: Arthritis Drugs (NSAIDs like Celebrex)
#6: Diabetes Drugs (Actos, Avandia, Byetta, Metformin)
#7: Chemotherapy (Tamoxifen)

I then did some more research to find out what H-86 is and how to get it.  I found out that H-86 is actually Avemar and it can be purchased on Amazon.

This fermented wheat germ Avemar AWGE 300 Tabs extract exhibits positive effects against cancer

written by Dr. David Williams

Avemar is a naturally fermented wheat germ extract that, so far, has exhibited positive effects against all forms of cancer cell lines tested.

To understand how Avemar works, it helps to understand how cancer develops and spreads.

Whether tumor cells proceed to replicate, grow, and eventually spread throughout the body is determined by enzymatic activity and their accessibility to various nutrients. For years, pharmaceutical companies have also focused their efforts in this arena in an attempt to find cures for various forms of cancer. One of their top priorities (and one area with the greatest potential) has always been to uncover compounds that inhibit glucose metabolism in tumor cells.

Every form of cancer cell utilizes glucose at rates 10 to 50 times higher than that of normal healthy cells (a well-known phenomenon referred to as “the Warburg effect”). Unlike normal, healthy cells that utilize glucose primarily for energy, tumor cells use glucose to increase the production of nucleic acids (necessary for the formation of additional RNA) and various proteins (needed for the cancer to continue to grow).

In simple terms, cancer cells have only one function: proliferation. To achieve this function, cancer cells need large amounts of glucose that they can convert into building materials for new cells. As the tumor grows, more and more glucose is consumed. Two things occur as a person’s glucose is diverted to the cancer. First, fatigue sets in. Second, since less glucose is converted to necessary fats and protein, the body begins to waste away (a process known as cachexia).

One of the main problems with conventional cancer therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation is that they are non-specific, so they destroy normal, healthy cells along with disease-ridden ones. Thus, the attempt to kill the cancer cells often kills the patient as well.

Avemar, however, works through several different mechanisms. One of its most unique benefits, however, is its ability to inhibit glucose metabolism in cancer cells.

Research at UCLA has demonstrated that Avemar reduces glucose flow into cancer cells—which inhibits their ability to produce additional nucleic acids and subsequently reduces their proliferation. In the presence of Avemar compounds, cancer cells begin to utilize the available glucose to produce substances that actually inhibit cell division and stimulate programmed cell death (apoptosis) within the tumor.

As one report explains, decreased glucose consumption of the tumors results in a harmonizing of the patient’s metabolism—as well as weight gain, even in people with advanced cancers. As a result, patients treated with Avemar also have improved tolerance for surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Further, Avemar achieves these results without creating any toxicity or damage to normal, healthy cells. As a result, patients have less fatigue, pain, and depression, and experience an increase in appetite that can help them regain lost weight.

A Foreign Cell Informer

Avemar also assists the immune system’s ability to identify and destroy cancer cells. The cells responsible for this are a specialized type of white blood cell called natural killer (NK) cells. However, cancer cells can evade NK cells by masking their outer membrane with a special substance that the NK cells recognize as “normal.” Avemar suppresses the release of this masking substance—allowing NK cells to better target and kill the cancer cells.

A White Blood-Cell Enhancer

Avemar also can protect cells against effects caused by conventional therapies. For instance, following radiation and chemotherapy, it has been demonstrated that Avemar was successful in restoring the bone marrow’s ability to produce red blood cells.

One of the life-threatening complications of radiation and chemotherapy is a condition called febrile neutropenia. It occurs when the therapy significantly reduces the number of white blood cells (neutropenia). White blood cells are needed to fight pathogens, and patients are extremely vulnerable to infections (and resulting death) during this period when cell counts are at their lowest. An indicator of the seriousness of the infection is the presence of a fever (the febrile part).

A clinical investigation into the condition involved 22 children in Budapest with various solid-tumor cancers. Half of those children were given Avemar before and during their chemotherapy, and the other half were not. In the Avemar group, there were a total of 121 cycles of chemotherapy and 30 episodes of febrile neutropenia (24.8 percent). In the control group—those not taking the Avemar—there was a total of 106 cycles of chemotherapy and 46 episodes of febrile neutropenia (43.3 percent). Being able to almost halve the incidence of febrile neutropenia alone should justify the use of Avemar in all patients on chemotherapy. The number of lives saved would be astronomical.

In all of the studies where Avemar was used in conjunction with conventional therapies, not only were those therapies significantly more effective, but the patients experienced considerably less therapy-related side effects. Both the frequency and severity of common side effects like nausea, fatigue, weight loss, and depression were reduced. Additionally, their immune systems recovered more rapidly.

Why Wait?

Avemar’s safety has been studied extensively in cell lines, animals, and humans, and no adverse effects have been identified. When the data were reviewed by a panel of doctors and toxicologists, it was their opinion that Avemar has a toxicological profile similar to that of bread. (Though the product is made from only the germ part of wheat, the manufacturer has included a caution for people who are sensitive to gluten.)

Given the existing scientific research, there’s absolutely no reason that Avemar shouldn’t be used with every single cancer patient—particularly in those with severely impaired immune systems and those who are undergoing conventional therapies. I encourage you to share this information with anyone you know battling cancer. It could save a life.

DISCLAIMER: The content of is offered on an informational basis only, and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the guidance of a qualified health provider before making any adjustment to a medication or treatment you are currently using, and/or starting any new medication or treatment. All recommendations are “generally informational” and not specifically applicable to any individual’s medical problems, concerns and/or needs.


Avemar  looks promising with decent reviews on Amazon.  It is not cheap, however, at $186 for 2 bottles.  Cancer is not a cheap disease to have.  I can’t tell you how much money I have spent with most of it going to conventional doctors for surgery and lab tests.  I finally had to stop the insanity of spending all of my money diagnosing and staging the cancer.  I decided to invest in healing myself.  Every dollar I spent from then on was money well spent.   If you have cancer this may be a product worth looking into.


  1. I would like to buy h-86, where? And DBX-13

  2. C. Baruch says:

    Avemar is expensive and I purchased it. It claims to heal cancer in people and pets. My dog was on it for three weeks & hated it (orange flavored). It did absolutely nothing for her, did not reduce the size of her tumor or desolve it. Basically, avemar is fermented wheat germ and an overpriced scam.

    • So sorry to hear this. As with everything not all things work the same on all people or canines. Sorry it didn’t work for your precious pup.

  3. How does one take avemar? Directions, dosage etc?

  4. I wander what are typical daily doses for cancer patients. Thank you for the depth of my heart!

  5. Cheryl Keefover says:

    Can canines take this??

  6. Evelyn Wilson says:

    I am so sick of being told about things that cure canicer natural, but never told where to get it Or how much to take???? My husband has a tumor in center of his brain. It just recently causing him stroke like symptoms from growing. We have cut out breads, pastas, rice and potatoes, no sugars except fruis, we eat organic. I have tried eissac tea, CBD oil vitamin C apricot seeds flax seed and herbs. Need something that breaks the brain barrier. To reach the tumor. We want natural healing. Just wish we knew how much to take and where to get stuff???

    • I understand your frustration. It is hard to know what to do exactly. Mostly need to rely on your gut and what feels right. You can get this product on Amazon. I think I provided a link. You will have to read comments ot product to see dosage. I personally have never taken it. Results are mixed. I recently found out about Paw Paw by Natures Sunshine…also available on Amazon. I was told by a doctor that it was tested to be 100x more potent than chemo and has turned stage 4 patients around. He also recommended AHCC by Source Naturals which is a strong immune builder. He said to take 1 tsp daily..split day and night on empty stomach. I found the Paw Paw needs to be taken on a full stomach 2 capsules 3x daily. There are a lot of reviews online. Some sources recommend you not do other treatments while on the Paw Paw as they contradict each other. I found the Paw Paw to make me very tired and break out in a sweat at first. I now do not notice any side effects. Seems to be working though…very powerful. The doctor also recommended coffee enemas. When I started them it greatly reduced the fatigue. Best of luck to you and your husband.

  7. To Evelyn Wilson re; husbands brain tumor; There IS a cure for cancer, but first you have to learn what it really is; think of an oyster and how a pearl is made , well, a tumor is made the same way – with up to three layer while it is building; I know what I am talking about because I have CURED my eldest daughter, Bonnie’s. I once had a Mother Earth magazine with an article in it about a Dr.Allan Mannering, who conducted his own tests with 19 university students; and he did! cure the cancer they were working on because he did one thing all others didn’t- he used genetically cancerous mice, instead of injecting the cancer cell into healthy mice – The problem they found was that mice create their own vit.C but humans don’t . Megga doses of vit.C is the key agent that will attack the outer protective layer of the cancerous cells, the Dr.’s group then injected stricnine into the cancer and the end result was a pimple on the outer body. I believe today they are now injecting Megga vit.C into the body’s veins so it bypasses the stomach and changes and they are now able to cure cancer.

    • Thanks Laara, Are you saying that you recommend high doses of vitamin C along with the Avemar? Please advise and tell us how it worked for you.

      Thank you! Dolores

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