Quick Fix for Hiatal Hernia – I thought was Restless Leg Syndrome

Since having cancer and working to heal myself naturally, I have been blessed with not only healing myself of cancer but also of just about every other ailment I ever had! It is amazing how natural healing works. When I found out I had breast cancer, I didn’t want to just attack the cancer, I […]

Lymphatic Massage for Your Breasts and Underarm Lymph System

LYMPHATIC BREAST MASSAGE I found a great method on how to mimic your natural lymph pumping movement on a site – www.breasthealthproject.com.  This is useful if, like me, you find that your lymph system isn’t performing well after surgeries.   If you can help it along a few minutes a day this might alleviate some of […]

Lymphatic Flush and 5 Minute Energy Routine with Donna Eden

I rediscovered Donna Eden’s Energy Medicine.   I was doing it religiously years ago and fell away from it.  I recently started it up again and notice a vast improvement in my energy.   I also want to do everything I can to support my lymphatic system.   The 5 minute energy routine covers it all and, after […]

A Simple Way to Flush your Lymph System

While searching for ways to flush my lymph system I came upon this simple method.   I tried it and could really feel the thumping in my right hand as I pressed it under my left armpit.   The difficult part for me was staying still for 15 minutes while I did this exercise!  Other than that […]

Exercises to Help Drain Your Lymphatic System

After the surgery that removed two of my lymph nodes my body now has a problem removing waste from that area.  Things accumulate under my skin when I am fighting a cold or illness.  I am always looking for ways to support my lymph system.  With these exercises along with regular exercise, sauna, rebounding, and […]

Ways to Balance Your Estrogen Naturally without Drugs

One of the drugs most Oncologists push on those who have had or have estrogen    positive cancer is Tamoxifen or other hormone blocking drugs.   The drugs artificially block the estrogen in your body and can cause many uncomfortable side effects like an immediate introduction to menopause.    I never felt comfortable with this idea and instead […]

Lemon and Cayenne Pepper Detox Drink – Cancer Fighters

I recently read an article about how beneficial drinking a glass of lemon water (water with 1 whole lemon squeezed into) first thing in the morning.   I have always preached this mostly to my weight-loss clients who were struggling with sugar and salt addictions.  Having been previously a sugar addict, and still recovering I know […]

Determine if a Breast Lump is Malignant or Benign at Home

I was reading an article and came across a blog post about a way to do your own mammogram with your camera and iphoto software.  The blog post also tells you how to interpret the pictures and then how to treat it.  This was a very empowering for me to read as it is nice […]

La Chi Healing Method (using Qi) to Kill Cancer Cells

 Hong Liu, known to most as “Master Hong” has been a Grandmaster of Qi Gong (the highest attainable level of training) for the last 35 years. While he first began his healing studies in Western medicine in Shanghai, China, Master Hong discovered that there was so much more to healing than what he had learned […]

If you are NOT taking Vitamin D-3 – You SHOULD be!

Oddly, before I had breast cancer I took almost every supplement Shaklee had to offer EXCEPT Vitamin D.  I think by the time they introduced that supplement I had enough.  I didn’t feel like adding one more supplement.   I am not sure how much of a difference it would have made because I found that […]

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