Dr. Gonzalez Therapy – NY

I heard about Dr. Gonzalez and his work seeing patients in NYC after I had decided on my healing protocol.    If you are interested in learning about his work and what he does you can read about it on this blog or on Dr. Gonzalez’s website. Consider each alternative therapy you find and discover which […]

Balancing Hormones and Tamoxifen

Tamoxifen: A Major Medical Mistake? by Sherrill Sellman  This article discusses: Limited benefits of Tamoxifen Tamoxifen’s dark side Carcinogenic effects and more The breast cancer prevention trial Alternatives to tamoxifen My decision to NOT take Tamoxifen came from my gut.   I figured if I was taking the natural route to heal my body I did […]

Rapid Image Cycling – Suzanne Clegg – Distant Healing Testimonial

Distance Sessions with Suzanne Clegg – www.spiritgate.com – experience testimonial from Louise in Canada. 11/21/12 The distance treatments with Suzanne are going well.  Today we had both my healers in on the session and it was awesome.  Those people are psychic….  I’m a Christian and I know we’re not supposed to delve into that stuff […]

Alternative Cancer Treatment Options vs Conventional cancer treatments

Reference Site:  http://www.burtongoldberg.com/steve-jobs-letter.html This is a letter to Steve Jobs’s son and possibly the best synopsis I have read on the problem with our treatment options in this country.   This will surely empower you! Alternative Cancer Treatment Options vs Conventional cancer treatments An Open Letter to Reed Powell by Burton Goldberg Introduction: The following letter […]

More on Suzanne Clegg of Spiritgate.com and Rapid Image Cycling

Suzanne Clegg of www.spiritgate.com has worked with me both in person and distance.   She is in Long Island, NY.   There is quite a difference in the treatments but she always got me back on track with the telephone sessions.   The in-person treatments were/are amazing.  I will continue to see her periodically as she helps heal […]

Treatments with Suzanne Clegg of www.spiritgate.com

These are my notes as I went through my healing journey.  My full story starts at the very beginning of this section. My body responded very rapidly to the change of diet (no gluten or sugar), getting rid of the fungus and parasites as well as the treatments from Suzanne.   Suzanne helped immensely with the […]

My Journey as I worked to heal myself from Stage 2 Breast Cancer Naturally

Story continued…. (continued from —How I worked to heal myself of stage 2 breast cancer naturally). …. I kept a journal with notes as I went through my natural healing plan to get rid of my Stage 2 breast cancer without radiation, without chemotherapy, without additional surgeries, without harmful testing, and without drugs. They are […]

SpectraVision – BodyScan tool to heal your body

This is the tool that the nutrition center in Langhorne, PA uses.   It detected a gluten allergy which was “right on” as everything has changed since I have stopped eating it.   It also detected the fungus and parasite that is the cancer as well as recommends what would work to get rid of it.  She […]

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