Mammograms even Tomosynthesis not Beneficial for Dense Breasts

Uh…  now I find out….I was told that tomosynthesis would be good for my dense breasts.  I took in the radiation for nothing.   It really provided no information so much so they then recommended a MRI afterwards.   I guess they have no problem spending my money and radiating me.   We live and learn but MUST […]

Get More Information and Answers to Your Questions by Joining Yahoo Lists

There are 2 yahoo lists that I know of:  Cancer Cured and Breast Cancer Think Tank. These lists offer you much support and answers to the questions that pop up as you go through your healing process.   Cancer Cured is headed by an oncologist in CA who believes in integrated therapies and offers much knowledge […]

Cause and Natural Healing of Breast Cancer

This is a great video that talks about how we get breast cancer.   I love it because it talks about the emotional aspects and how we do not die from breast cancer but rather the fear.   This helps us to remember that we can heal our own cancers and that it doesn’t have to […]

Anita Moorjani Near Death Experience Sheds Light on the Afterlife and Healing

I heard an interview with Anita Moorjani on the Jeff Probst show last week (see link below).   She had a near death experience and explains what she learned about disease and how healing takes place.    What she said was enlightening.   Although it is not that shocking to me as I already believe in all of […]

Learn to Rapid Image Cycle to heal yourself

This technique is powerful and not that difficult to learn.   A big part of this CD series talks about how he came upon this method and how it has helped to heal mice of cancer.   It not only healed them but they became immune to future cancer injections.   Suzanne Clegg in NY is currently the […]

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