If you are NOT taking Vitamin D-3 – You SHOULD be!

Oddly, before I had breast cancer I took almost every supplement Shaklee had to offer EXCEPT Vitamin D.  I think by the time they introduced that supplement I had enough.  I didn’t feel like adding one more supplement.   I am not sure how much of a difference it would have made because I found that […]

How to Analyze Your Blood Work – Optimal Metabolic Ranges vs Laboratory Ranges

How to Analyze Your Blood Work – Optimal Metabolic Ranges vs Laboratory Ranges

I have been meaning to share this for a while… One of the first things I learned that made me aware that, in spite of what the doctors were telling me (it is genetic), there was something significantly wrong in my body for me to have cancer.   My blood work had always come back normal […]

Vitamin D and Sunlight is Essential for Breast Cancer Recovery and Prevention

Now that all of the research is being done on how great natural vitamin D is from the sun – sunlight exposure is being prescribed for cancer recovery and prevention.   I have been told to be in the direct sun for 1/2 hour daily without sunscreen so as to not block the natural vitamin D.   […]

Blood Work and Disease Diagnosis – Look at Optimal Metabolic Ranges!

I had breast cancer that was diagnosed during my pregnancy with my son.   My blood work looked “fine” according to the lab but were out of line according to the Optimal Metabolic Ranges – which told a different story.  I had no symptoms except for a severe rash which developed late in my pregnancy (they […]

Blood Markers to Order to Monitor Breast Cancer

Initially I asked my family doctor to order every blood cancer marker I knew of just to be sure I took care of every possible scenario.   They took about 8 vials of blood to fulfill that “order” and I ate up almost all of my diagnostic dollars that I get for the year with my […]

How your Blood Work can help you monitor the overall condition of your body

At first I had no idea how to read my blood work.    I was shocked when I had a blood chemist do a consult with me on the phone in September of 2011 after my breast cancer diagnosis that June.   She told me that my blood numbers were not good.   I was essentially starving […]

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