Miracle Product for MRSA – Miror EPF to the rescue!

Miror EPF -> Miracle EPF for MRSA? Miror EPF is a product to help cleanse and detox your body against all pathogens. It has helped me endless times with cleansing from pesticides, fungus, parasites, viruses and bacteria infections. A friend of mine has been battling with MRSA ever since a minor operation at her local […]

Miror EPF Product for the Ultimate Detox – take for healing and disease prevention

Looking for a simple sure way to detox from heavy metals, mercury, vaccination or pesticide poisoning?   (If you have cancer – see the recommendation at the bottom of the page.) How about an easy way to clear your body of fungus, bacteria, parasites, viruses and other pathogens?   Buy EPF Now at a Discounted Price* […]

How to Detox from Radiation Poisoning or Over-Exposure

I guess I am a guinea pig for everything now. I have been writing articles on fear and find that I have been tested ever since. I think I have passed the test as with each health scare I encounter I have been able to tune into my body and ultimately find the problem. This […]

Learn to Rapid Image Cycle to heal yourself

This technique is powerful and not that difficult to learn.   A big part of this CD series talks about how he came upon this method and how it has helped to heal mice of cancer.   It not only healed them but they became immune to future cancer injections.   Suzanne Clegg in NY is currently the […]

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