How Suzanne Clegg Works with People who have Cancer

I have talked about Suzanne Clegg of a lot on this blog.  She was a life saver for me as she was comfortable working with people who had cancer.  She used various methods to help me heal.  She empowered me by letting me know that it was me doing the healing and she was […]

Mike Carey Testimony

Dear Dolores I was able to speak with Mike, he tested me and shared that I had pesticide and herbicide poisoning, radiation, and emotional repression. He suggested certain remedies that I have already ordered and I am feeling amazing about this discovery – thanks to you! I am also going over your blogs – you […]

Treatment in Ecuador and Protocel to Heal Breast Cancer Testimony

Lee’s battle with breast cancer Wednesday, August 20th, 2014 at 2:46 pm I thought I would share the following story from Dr David Stewart’s Raindrop Messenger. I’m not sharing it with you all to put out that this is the course of action you must take, as we each have diverse circumstances, but rather that when […]

My Cancer Journey and How I Stay True to Myself

I recently published a Hub article entitled Breast Cancer – You Can Say No to Chemo and Standard of Care.    It is about my cancer journey and the strength it took to battle “the system”.  Anyone who has opted for the alternative route to heal themselves of cancer knows just what I am talking about. […]

Update: The Missing Piece to My Healing

Update from The Missing Piece of My Healing: Just wanted to give an update on my healing status… Seems that unsticking my ICV (Ileocecial Valve) really did work!   After drinking the bentonite hydrate solution for 2 mornings my digestion changed overnight.   I can now eat all grains without symptoms; I now feel full and satisfied […]

The Missing Piece to My Healing – Finally Uncovered!

I think I am finally done with this BC.   It is a feeling I have in my gut that this is it. This is a note I wrote on two of the cancer yahoo boards I subscribe to: Hi, Some brief history on me… I was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago and had […]

Dealing with Wife’s Mesothelioma – Story

Dealing With My Wife’s Cancer Diagnosis My wife has often told me that it was hard for her to imagine the hardships that I went through after she was diagnosed with mesothelioma. I am writing this because I want to share more about what I experienced as a caregiver. Three months before my wife was […]

Rapid Image Cycling – Suzanne Clegg – Distant Healing Testimonial

Distance Sessions with Suzanne Clegg – – experience testimonial from Louise in Canada. 11/21/12 The distance treatments with Suzanne are going well.  Today we had both my healers in on the session and it was awesome.  Those people are psychic….  I’m a Christian and I know we’re not supposed to delve into that stuff […]

More on Suzanne Clegg of and Rapid Image Cycling

Suzanne Clegg of has worked with me both in person and distance.   She is in Long Island, NY.   There is quite a difference in the treatments but she always got me back on track with the telephone sessions.   The in-person treatments were/are amazing.  I will continue to see her periodically as she helps heal […]

Healing Cancer – removing blockages and allowing the body to heal itself

This continues my journey.   Reading back through my notes now is a strange, emotional feeling.   Sharing them with you is an even stranger feeling.  I hope this helps someone. 12-16-11 Been feeling like I am on rocket fuel lately….managing baby, work, house, food, exercise and Christmas very well.  My biggest obstacle has been feeling a […]

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