Treatments with Suzanne Clegg of

These are my notes as I went through my healing journey.  My full story starts at the very beginning of this section. My body responded very rapidly to the change of diet (no gluten or sugar), getting rid of the fungus and parasites as well as the treatments from Suzanne.   Suzanne helped immensely with the […]

My Journey as I worked to heal myself from Stage 2 Breast Cancer Naturally

Story continued…. (continued from —How I worked to heal myself of stage 2 breast cancer naturally). …. I kept a journal with notes as I went through my natural healing plan to get rid of my Stage 2 breast cancer without radiation, without chemotherapy, without additional surgeries, without harmful testing, and without drugs. They are […]

My Story – Stage II + Breast Cancer Diagnosed while Pregnant at 43

02/11 – 11/11 – Reading this now brings back a lot of disturbing memories.  I feel so removed from this now, thankfully.   I am so glad I wrote this down earlier as I don’t think I could recap it now as accurately.   If you are going through this distress now my heart goes out to […]

Share Your Breast Cancer Story

In order to make this site more informative please share your story on how you treated your breast cancer naturally.   I have my story but I know my way isn’t the only way.     So please share what you did and how it is working for you.    You know what you went through so please share […]

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