Should We Own our Diagnosis? What is Your Relationship with Cancer?

When I think of owning something I think of taking responsibility or accepting my behavior or actions.  For whatever reason I NEVER took ownership of breast cancer.  I never felt comfortable using the term MY cancer when referring to the diagnosis I was given.  I would always say THE cancer.  I felt like it was […]

Have you Addressed the Emotional Aspect of Cancer? the Forgotten Inner Child…

I was always told and firmly believe that in order to heal yourself from cancer you need to address the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of yourself. The physical seems to be the most obvious as we know when we get cancer that there is something physically wrong.  Some like to link of it as […]

A Note to Someone with Cancer or any other Traumatic Event

As I write my book on how to tackle fear when faced with a traumatic life event, I think about what I would say to console my former frazzled self.   I came up with this letter.   I hope you can see that we always gain strength as we work through our problems.  They are never […]

Feeling Overwhelmed? Fearful? Out of Sorts? Quick Tool for Instant Relief

This was taken from a great book – A Conversion From Mind to Soul by Rev. Judy Miller-Dienst Short little “pocket” tool to remember and use any time life feels overwhelming. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and relax into the arms of the Divine One. You are supported and loved. Feel Source’s presence. […]

Should Breast Cancer Be Considered a FIGHT, a WAR or a BATTLE to Conquer?

Are you currently battling or fighting the war on breast cancer?   Do those words feel right to you – fighting a war or battle with an enemy that has invaded your body?    Those words never felt good to me.   I didn’t like being at war with my own body.  I didn’t like feeling like a […]

Wayne Dyer – Signs and Symptoms of Inner Peace

I was sad to hear of the passing of the great Wayne Dyer.  His legacy lives on in his many books and CDs.  I have enjoyed many of his books and found them so helpful in keeping my thoughts in a positive healing place.  The excerpt below comes from his book You’ll See it When […]

How to Shrink a Tumor according to “Cancer is Not a Disease” by Andreas Moritz

Wow…is all I can say.  I read quickly through the book Cancer is not a Disease by Andreas Moritz and at the very end he spoke directly to me.   I rely heavily on intuition and guidance for answers and continue to ask about the bumps that persist under my right arm.  I have never received […]

Being True to Yourself – the Key to Living an Easier Life

Being True to Yourself – the Key to Living an Easier Life

I just wrote an article on my HubPage entitled Be True-to-Yourself and Live an Easier More Fulfilling Life.   In this article I explain how I came to understand what it really means to be true to myself.    I talk about the vow I made to myself after my first marriage came to an end and […]

My Cancer Journey and How I Stay True to Myself

I recently published a Hub article entitled Breast Cancer – You Can Say No to Chemo and Standard of Care.    It is about my cancer journey and the strength it took to battle “the system”.  Anyone who has opted for the alternative route to heal themselves of cancer knows just what I am talking about. […]

Finding your Healing Path from Cancer

I could probably write about fear all day. As much as you know it isn’t helpful you may find yourself clinging to it like an old friend BUT.. fear only compounds the problem and keeps you from seeing your healing path clearly and finding the answers you need. It actually attracts what you fear into […]

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