Fear – Big Issue that must be faced FIRST

It has been a little over 3 years now since the trauma of the cancer diagnosis.  Each year I celebrate my son’s birthday I have  a vivid memory of what it was like.   One thing I can say that was the key to me finding my way back to health was getting rid of the […]

Weird Experience Today at the Library

I wanted to share my experience that I had today at the library – 3-11-13.   I was there with my son for story time.   He was playing and I was looking for some books for him.   As I was looking an idea came to me that I should look for a book for myself to […]

Quote – If you want to go nowhere…

I stressed over my decision to go against Standard of Care.   Not that I questioned what was right for me…rather I questioned WHY I had to be and feel so different from most people around me.   I felt limited support in my passion to treat myself naturally and not listen to my doctors.   I was […]

Self Reliance by Emerson – Find Strength in your Non-conforming Beliefs

This helped me to re-affirm my inner belief on how I would heal and gave me strength to go against conventional thinking (standard of care – chemotherapy, radiation and drug therapy).    Being self-reliant means listening to your inner guide and finding your own path in spite of what other people say.   You have to remain […]

Deviate from the Norm in Order to Progress!

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible – Frank Zappa Whenever you think you are LOCO for going against the norm….remember – this is how we progress!!  So DEVIATE with pride!  

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