Do you need to be a Vegetarian to Combat Breast Cancer?

Whether or not you need to go strictly vegetarian when you are diagnosed with breast cancer is a controversial topic.  Many nutritionists advise that it is best for your body to avoid all meats and poultry.  It is usually one of the items (on the very long list) of things to do when you are […]

German New Medicine – Proven link between Emotions and Cancer

For breast cancer Dr. Hamer has proven the associating of trauma to which side of the breast and the type of cancer you have.   This is worth and read and helps to support those of us who are called to natural healing.     What got me was the truth behind his theory for me…especially where they […]

Gluten Allergies – Signs and Symtoms

  I was told I have a gluten allergy which has completely taxed my immune system and causing a host of problems.  I am a healthy eater and I take good care of myself.  I had virtually no symptoms but a few of those listed (along with my recent diagnosis).    I hear a lot of […]

Gluten Sensitivity linked to Disease

With the help of this nutrition center in Langhorne, PA – Advance Nutrition and the SpectraVision Body Scan equipment I found out that I was toxic from fungus (parasites too) and was extremely sensitive to gluten.  At the time (started August 2011 and went until November of that year) I was extremely ITCHY.   I was […]

Parasites as a cause of cancer

Parasites as a cause of cancer. Parasites as a cause of cancer This article gives you tips about parasites and yeasts as a possible cause of cancer – and what you can easily do to rectify the infection. It is very unlikely that a GP will ever tell you that the cause of your illness is […]

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