Bentonite Clay to Clean Fruits & Vegetables from Pesticides and Radiation

Bentonite Clay is an amazing substance that can absorb heavy metals and radiation from your body as well as from fruits, vegetables and even water.   The green powder absorbs the toxins and contains them.  Apparently, it is even safe to ingest the green powder after it has done its job.   According to a Natural […]

Do you need to be a Vegetarian to Combat Breast Cancer?

Whether or not you need to go strictly vegetarian when you are diagnosed with breast cancer is a controversial topic.  Many nutritionists advise that it is best for your body to avoid all meats and poultry.  It is usually one of the items (on the very long list) of things to do when you are […]

A Note to Someone with Cancer or any other Traumatic Event

As I write my book on how to tackle fear when faced with a traumatic life event, I think about what I would say to console my former frazzled self.   I came up with this letter.   I hope you can see that we always gain strength as we work through our problems.  They are never […]

Feeling Overwhelmed? Fearful? Out of Sorts? Quick Tool for Instant Relief

This was taken from a great book – A Conversion From Mind to Soul by Rev. Judy Miller-Dienst Short little “pocket” tool to remember and use any time life feels overwhelming. Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and relax into the arms of the Divine One. You are supported and loved. Feel Source’s presence. […]

Natural Headache Relief – Don’t Wake Up with a Headache Again!

OUCH – HEADACHES! Headaches can really slow you down.  It seems the more you have to rely on painkillers the less they seem to work.  I try to use them sparingly and only when I am completely desperate for immediate relief.  Through years of experience dealing with sinus headaches and neck pain from a car […]

Have a Stuffy Nose, Sinus Congestion or Headache? Put Garlic in your Nose…

  It is not pleasant when your nose is so stuffed up that you can’t breathe, sleep or taste.  Sometimes it comes with a debilitating headache that makes it painful to do everyday tasks that involves bending down and pretty much anything that requires using your head – thinking being the most painful.  It is […]

Miss Your Cheese? Try Nutritional Yeast on your Food!

Not sure why I am just discovering this now but I am thrilled!  I just bought some Bragg’s Nutritional Yeast and tried it on popcorn that I made on the stove.  OMG!   It was fabulous!  It has a delicious cheesy flavor that is simply amazing.  What makes it so amazing is that it is gluten-free, […]

Many Uses of Bentonite Clay Powder – Detox – Toothpaste – Deodorant – Veggie Soak

I used to only think of Bentonite Clay Powder as a good face mask.  I would mix a small amount with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for an amazing facial that would leave my skin looking younger and renewed.   Since then I discovered that it makes for a great detoxifying bath at it absorbs toxins, chemicals, […]

Have Flu-like Symptoms that Won’t Go Away? Fatigue, cough, sore throat…

I have to write about this again (radiation) because this problem is becoming so wide-spread.  When I first wrote about it 2 years ago it seemed like an anomaly. Many people are complaining about not being able to get over an illness or sore throat that won’t go away and the Docs can’t help them.   […]

Quick Fix for Hiatal Hernia – I thought was Restless Leg Syndrome

Since having cancer and working to heal myself naturally, I have been blessed with not only healing myself of cancer but also of just about every other ailment I ever had! It is amazing how natural healing works. When I found out I had breast cancer, I didn’t want to just attack the cancer, I […]

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