Lymphatic Massage for Your Breasts and Underarm Lymph System

LYMPHATIC BREAST MASSAGE I found a great method on how to mimic your natural lymph pumping movement on a site –  This is useful if, like me, you find that your lymph system isn’t performing well after surgeries.   If you can help it along a few minutes a day this might alleviate some of […]

Pressure Point to Relieve Constipation or Just Reduce Your Time Spent in the Bathroom

When I was first potty training my son I would find myself sitting in the bathroom for a good part of the day.  We would read books, magazines and even have snacks and drinks …all in the bathroom while waiting for him to do his business.   This became tiring after a while so I searched […]

Great Homemade Deodorant – Lymph Detox and Varicose Vein Health

Thanks Sari Grove for sharing your recipe for this wonderful deodorant! I wanted to try it for a detox of my lymph nodes but found that it also works as an amazing natural deodorant.  Possibly better than anything I have tried on the market.   From what I have read you only use a tiny bit.  […]

Lemon and Cayenne Pepper Detox Drink – Cancer Fighters

I recently read an article about how beneficial drinking a glass of lemon water (water with 1 whole lemon squeezed into) first thing in the morning.   I have always preached this mostly to my weight-loss clients who were struggling with sugar and salt addictions.  Having been previously a sugar addict, and still recovering I know […]

How to Analyze Your Blood Work – Optimal Metabolic Ranges vs Laboratory Ranges

How to Analyze Your Blood Work – Optimal Metabolic Ranges vs Laboratory Ranges

I have been meaning to share this for a while… One of the first things I learned that made me aware that, in spite of what the doctors were telling me (it is genetic), there was something significantly wrong in my body for me to have cancer.   My blood work had always come back normal […]

Healthier Versions of your Favorite Foods – Recipes that add protein and quality ingredients

Ummm… these recipes are right up my alley!   I am constantly altering recipes to add protein and healthier ingredients.   It doesn’t always turn out right because I am experimenting.  I am so excited to find someone who did the work for me.  Can’t wait to try these!  YUM! See these fantastic healthier versions of […]

Being True to Yourself – the Key to Living an Easier Life

Being True to Yourself – the Key to Living an Easier Life

I just wrote an article on my HubPage entitled Be True-to-Yourself and Live an Easier More Fulfilling Life.   In this article I explain how I came to understand what it really means to be true to myself.    I talk about the vow I made to myself after my first marriage came to an end and […]

Vitamin D and Sunlight is Essential for Breast Cancer Recovery and Prevention

Now that all of the research is being done on how great natural vitamin D is from the sun – sunlight exposure is being prescribed for cancer recovery and prevention.   I have been told to be in the direct sun for 1/2 hour daily without sunscreen so as to not block the natural vitamin D.   […]

Miror EPF Product for the Ultimate Detox – take for healing and disease prevention

Looking for a simple sure way to detox from heavy metals, mercury, vaccination or pesticide poisoning?   (If you have cancer – see the recommendation at the bottom of the page.) How about an easy way to clear your body of fungus, bacteria, parasites, viruses and other pathogens?   Buy EPF Now at a Discounted Price* […]

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