Do you need to be a Vegetarian to Combat Breast Cancer?

Image result for vegetarian or notWhether or not you need to go strictly vegetarian when you are diagnosed with breast cancer is a controversial topic.  Many nutritionists advise that it is best for your body to avoid all meats and poultry.  It is usually one of the items (on the very long list) of things to do when you are first diagnosed.   I did not comply with that as I knew that my body needed animal protein to feel its best.

So – how do you know what is best for your body?  I think that the eating for your blood type is accurate.  For example, I am Type O and I know that they are carnivores.   Type A, I remember, do well eating a Vegetarian diet.  That may not be 100% accurate for everyone.  One way to tell for sure is to test it out on your body:

  • Work hard physically all morning,
  • Eat a 100% vegan salad for lunch.
  • How do you feel when you finish or within 1/2 an hour of eating the salad?
  • Are you hungrier than when you started?
    • If yes, you are at the parasympathetic end of the spectrum and need animal protein at every meal.
    • If it holds you for around 2 hours, you are comfortably in the middle of the omnivore range.
    • If it holds you for around 4 hours, you would be healthy going vegan.

General Rule for Buying Meat and Poultry

Please note that when we eat meat and poultry we want to go as “clean” as possible.  Organic or grass fed is your best bet.  When that is not affordable I always went by this rule:

Anything fatty should be organic or grass-fed (like red meats and chicken legs/thighs/wings or soup bases).  The reason is simple.  Toxins are stored in the fat cells of animals.  There would be less toxins in less fatty parts of the animal or chicken – like the breast).   You will find, however, that organic and grass fed meats and poultry taste much fresher and are more tender.

I just want to note:  It is always best to buy your meats and poultry fresh from a local farmer.

Vegetarian Tip

If you do plan to go vegetarian, note that soy is a healthy choice (yes, even for those with estrogen positive BC).  You just have to eat soy in the fresh form.  Edamame, fresh tofu and soy protein powders* that processed gently without high heat (cold water extraction).   Once soy is heated and reheated (processed) it changes form and is no longer a healthy estrogen in your body.  If the right form is taken, soy can actually remove excess and harmful estrogen from the body and be cancer -fighting.  Soy processed using a cold water extraction technique, gives you the very best of the soy and all of the positive things like the phyto-estrogens which inhibit breast cancer and prostate cancer in men.  There are over 1500 studies showing the positive benefits of soy and only 12 to 20 negative studies showing that when you alter and de-nature soy you end up with junk.  The worst things to eat is soy chips, soy dogs, soy burgers and soy processed meats like lunch “meats” and TVP (textured vegetable protein).

*I am not sure which soy protein powder use the cold water extraction technique but I know that Shaklee has been processing it that way since the early 1950’s.

Can animal (bovine) and chicken bone broth actually be good for your body?

I can’t answer that in 100% certainty but I can say that both were recommended to me (by Suzanne Clegg) when I was healing from the damage of the cancer.   I had to repair my digestion from the invaders (parasites and yeast).   I remember my stomach was always sore.   I was told that natural bovine is good for the digestive tract and that I should eat some rare beef.  Normally the thought of this would disgust me but at that time it felt like a good thing for my body.   I went to whole foods and purchased a high quality cut of tenderloin.  I gently cooked it and ate rare beef for the first (and last) time.  It had a healing effect just as Suzanne had said it would.

Suzanne also recommended chicken broth for my intestinal discomfort (inflammation).  She told me to make the broth from chicken bones or make a whole chicken in the crock pot and consume the liquid.   I bought an organic whole chicken and some organic chicken backs and necks and did as she suggested.   All felt quite soothing and did aid in healing my digestion.

I found that beef and poultry had a part in helping me to heal.  Given that I would not be quick to recommend a vegetarian diet to everyone diagnosed with breast cancer.   You have to decide what is best for your body and that goes for any treatment recommendation (hence the reason for me keeping this blog).   We have the power within us and only our own body can know its healing path!   Work to connect with your body, outside of fear, and feel empowered to make decisions that may or may not be mainstream.   You will find that you can “recover” from cancer more quickly then you ever imagined.

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