Dr. Gonzalez Therapy – NY

I heard about Dr. Gonzalez and his work seeing patients in NYC after I had decided on my healing protocol.    If you are interested in learning about his work and what he does you can read about it on this blog or on Dr. Gonzalez’s website.

Consider each alternative therapy you find and discover which one is best for you.   From what I hear from others who have seen him (there are actually a few doctors and most people do not see Gonzalez himself) it is not cheap – $30K?   I may be wrong but that is what I remember hearing.   Also you take  A LOT of supplements and some 30 or so enzymes a day.    The approach I took was one that I consider to be more tailored to me and what I actually need.    Some people feel more comfortable with Gonzalez’s method so I wanted to make sure you have all of the information.   I am sure her blog explains it better than what I have “heard” and not researched.




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