Essential Oils – Can they kill breast cancer cells?

I have heard a lot about essential oils and use them for a number of remedies.  I have never used them to kill breast cancer cells but I think it is worth a try.   I personally have a way to test myself with products before I buy them.   I do a simple leaning forward (yes) or backward (no) or use a pendulum.   It is 90% accurate for me as long as I am not emotionally attached to the answer.  The process is called EFT and there are many ways to practice it to make it work for you.    Essential oils are worth a try but being able to test yourself before you purchase them is invaluable.   I generally just think of the item I am asking about and I get an answer yes or no.  I have been doing this for about 10 years so I am fairly confident unlike when I first started.   The other way to test yourself with different remedies is to see someone who practices EFT or NAET.  You can also find a center that has the SpectraVision Bodyscan technology.  Mike Carey, who I have mentioned numerous times in my blog, can also test products for you over the phone.

Essential oils shown to kill breast cancer cells

Dropper With Amber Bottle and Green BackgroundChinese researchers have shown that several essential oils will kill 90 percent or more of breast cancer cells.

The American brand of breast cancer treatment typically involves the cut and burn method: surgery (often complete removal of one or both breasts) followed by one or more rounds of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. These treatments are often worse than the disease. In fact, researchers have determined that chemotherapy is actually a catalyst for cancer-cell growth.

But essential oils are natural substances that provide an assortment of health benefits beyond their ability to fight cancer cells.

The researchers found that chamomile essential oil killed up to 93 percent of the MCF-7 breast cancer cells in vitro (Latin for “in glass”). Thyme oil was even more deadly on MCF-7 cells, killing them at a rate of 97 percent.

Other essential oils that killed the breast cancer cells were cinnamon and jasmine.

Chamomile can be taken orally (two drops in a capsule, three times daily as need), used topically (two to four drops, undiluted except for those with sensitive skin, applied to the affected area), or as an aromatic several times a day.

The benefits of chamomile can also be obtained from drinking chamomile tea.

Thyme oil should not be used directly on the skin without being diluted with a carrier oil like olive, sesame or almond. It should be tested on a small area of skin to check for an allergic reaction. It should not be taken internally as it can cause nausea, dizziness, vomiting, diarrhea and muscle problems. It should be avoided by people with high blood pressure and pregnant women.

To apply it topically, first mix three drops thyme oil with two teaspoons of sesame oil. Massage it into the affected area.

It can also be used as an aromatic, or the scent can be inhaled from the bottle.

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