Fear – Big Issue that must be faced FIRST

It has been a little over 3 years now since the trauma of the cancer diagnosis.  Each year I celebrate my son’s birthday I have  a vivid memory of what it was like.   One thing I can say that was the key to me finding my way back to health was getting rid of the fear.   I didn’t realize that that was such a big deal until I talk to other people with cancer or with other problems.   It seems everyone is consumed by fear and have a really hard time with the concept of letting it go.   Why?

Fear as awful as it is is like a comfort zone for most people.   Fear is a feeling most of us have gotten used to having in our daily lives.  It feels comfortable even though it is awful.   It is like a bad marriage that you can’t leave or like eating cakes and pastries even though they make you fat.   It is hard to let go of something that you have had in your life for so long.   What would happen if you let it go?   What would you cling to?   What would you think about?

For me fear was stifling.   I felt like I wasn’t living each day.   I could hardly breathe and for the health of my baby I had to snap out of it.   I remember praying for help and I guess I got the message to let the fear go as well as an idea of how to do it.   The message reminded me of how I successfully dealt with traumas in the past.   It reminded me of how I later regretted not having the confidence or faith in the future to live more during the hard times.    To enjoy each day regardless of the turmoil I was in.

I took the challenged and projected forwarded a few years when the trauma had past and I figured my way through this icky disease.   I decided to “act as if” each day.    I spent some time visualizing and feeling how I would feel and drawing it into my life.   It was a bit weird.  I felt like I was an actress on a stage but it felt good.   I could breathe and I was able to see things again outside of the turmoil.  I could hear the birds, I could enjoy music and appreciate a funny joke again….I was living.     That alone could have done wonders to heal me but it didn’t end there.    By being more in the present moment and living my life outside of the turmoil I was able to stop frantically searching for answers.    My healing path actually found its way to me.    I was open.   I was listening and I was living outside of fear.

I challenge you in your moments of turmoil the try this simple technique of letting go of the fear.   Each time you feel the fear visualize the end result that you want and live in that reality.

Fear isn’t something that just goes away and it is gone forever.   No, it is a unwanted persistent pest that creeps up on you often.   For that reason I came up with a number of techniques to use to shoe away the fear until ultimately it haunts you less and less.

I am working on a self-help book on this topic and am currently shoeing away the fear that I can’t do it or I won’t be successful….lol.




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