Get More Information and Answers to Your Questions by Joining Yahoo Lists

There are 2 yahoo lists that I know of:  Cancer Cured and Breast Cancer Think Tank.

These lists offer you much support and answers to the questions that pop up as you go through your healing process.   Cancer Cured is headed by an oncologist in CA who believes in integrated therapies and offers much knowledge and guidance to those on the list.   (Currently he, Vincent,  is going through major trauma as the Feds are looking to shut down his practice.  Very sad situation as he has helped and empowered many people by educating and helping them make educated choices.)

The Breast Cancer Think Tank is sponsored by Lynn of which offers knowledge and choices to all seeking to heal themselves of breast cancer.  She is especially a proponent of taking Iodine.

In both cases I would search the archives as it contains the most valuable information on topics you may have questions about before posting.

There is a lot of information and choices as support no matter what healing modality you decide is appropriate for you!


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