Gluten Sensitivity linked to Disease

With the help of this nutrition center in Langhorne, PA – Advance Nutrition and the SpectraVision Body Scan equipment I found out that I was toxic from fungus (parasites too) and was extremely sensitive to gluten.  At the time (started August 2011 and went until November of that year) I was extremely ITCHY.   I was also hungry (felt starving) all of the time.   Amen to the information that I received which then led me to go on a gluten free diet as well as a candida diet.    A few months after cleaning up my diet and getting rid of the fungus and parasites my sensitivity to gluten went away.   I have since tested it – first just by eating some gluten but only on occasion and I was fine.   Later in the summer I ate it more regularly, daily in fact and now my body is a mess again.   I learned my lesson and got some insight into what may have happened to me originally to make me susceptible to cancer.    Seems gluten sets me off – weakened all of my systems and makes me susceptible to fungus growth and parasites.   The fungus and parasites then work to rob nutrients from your body thus causing your body to starve.  The malnutrition promotes disease.    I notice my gluten allergy as stomach discomfort, lack of energy (need to sleep more than usual), feeling like I am getting sick (sore throat, stuffy nose), eliminating more than usual (number 2), and small bumps that itch that start on my hands.    I know what happens if I continue to eat gluten at this point as I experienced it while I was pregnant.   I eventually had a burning red bumpy rash ALL OVER my body!    It was very painful and something I will never forget.    It is not easy to stay away from gluten (especially when others want to go to an Italian restaurant or your friends have a cookie exchange party!) but the health benefits far outweigh any hardship.

Click here for more information on gluten and the link to disease. 

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