Have a Stuffy Nose, Sinus Congestion or Headache? Put Garlic in your Nose…


It is not pleasant when your nose is so stuffed up that you can’t breathe, sleep or taste.  Sometimes it comes with a debilitating headache that makes it painful to do everyday tasks that involves bending down and pretty much anything that requires using your head – thinking being the most painful.  It is usually at these times that I resort to Tylenol.  Since sleep is so precious and I need to breathe through my nose at night, I generally will submit to taking an Alka-Seltzer.   Those are pretty much the only two scenarios that I will surrender to over-the-counter medication.





For sinus pressure I have tried just about everything I have heard of:

Netti-pot – this can be very effective at unclogging a stuffy nose.  The downside is that it is an uncomfortable and messy procedure. It feels good after you do it but, sadly, is only temporary.

Steam with Eucalyptus – this feels really good when you are doing it but unfortunately the relief doesn’t last that long.

Tinctures with apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper – these all feel great and seem to work but this decongestant won’t get you through the night.

EPF – I have written a lot about EPF and how it is effective at killing pathogens – like viruses.  Usually if taken regularly you never  have to contend with severe colds.  But it is not a pain reliever!  If you have a sinus headache the pain will not go away from taking the EPF.   The virus may be killed but the symptoms don’t just go away over night.


I have heard of taking it internally as it is nature’s antibiotic.  As long as the allicin is in tact (the garlic cannot be chopped or cooked and not odorless garlic) garlic can be just as effective as an antibiotic.   I also know that many people have had success with inserting a fresh clove of garlic in their socks when they are sick.  The skin breathes and naturally takes in the medicinal properties of the garlic.


Yes!  Put a fresh garlic clove (or even a natural garlic tablet that has the allicin still active) in your nose and wait for the relief.  It may start to burn and if it does, switch nostrils or take a break.  Try for 20 minutes in and 20 minutes out.

A friend of mine had painful sinus congestion and it was suggested to her that she put a garlic clove in her nose.  She tried it and couldn’t believe how quickly it worked!   She had been suffering with her congestion for many days and the garlic helped in a few hours.  She was amazed and prompted me to write this post.

I looked online and see no mention of this GARLIC-IN-THE-NOSE method.  So I have no idea where this originates.

My Experience

I was fighting a virus and could start to feel sinus pressure in my head one night before going to bed.  I  didn’t have fresh garlic but did have a natural garlic tablet (Shaklee brand) and put that in my nose.  It burned a bit but I felt the relief almost right away.  I was getting ready for bed and I remember thinking I would be in trouble if I went to bed with a brewing sinus headache.   I walked around with the garlic in my nose and then took it off before I went to sleep.  Those few minutes were enough for me to break the brewing sinus congestion and –  it never came back.

This may not be the most attractive remedy but if you are a person who knows sinus pressure and pain you probably won’t care much about that…



  1. I tried this, 2 days ago for sinus congestion and headache, i did not see this before I tried it.. I knew putting a clove of garlic in your ear would stop earache and vertigo. ..so I decided to put a clove up my nose, i sneezed quit a few times but congestion was relieved …this cold weather and indoor electric heat dried my sinus out, the garlic worked to get things flowing again so I could blow my nose many times, getting rid of infection. ..

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