Have Joint or Muscle Pain? You Need to Try this Inexpensive Miracle Cream

When I say miracle cream, I am not using that term loosely.   I will try almost anything to relieve myself of discomfort or pain.  I am not a believer in suffering and absolutely refuse to succumb to “old age”.    It is not always easy or cheap but in this case it is BOTH!

Do you have muscle or joint pain that is keeping you from activities that you enjoy?   I was at a point where I couldn’t even lift my arm.  I woke up that way one morning after an exercise class and then sleeping on my arm that night.  I could not lift my arm.  Every time I went to lift anything (like even a trash bag or laundry or my son or anything) my arm would throb for days.   I went on like this for months.  I couldn’t do my normal exercise routine and my arm just throbbed all day long.   I tried wraps, magnets, menthol creams (like Tiger Balm) and nothing helped.   Sadly, I couldn’t life my arm more than 20% without pain.   Time and rest were not making much of a difference.

A friend mentioned a pain cream and how she got rid of all of her ailments with it, including tennis elbow.   She told me she purchased hers at the Vitamin Shoppe but couldn’t remember the name of it.   One day out of pain and desperation I drove to the Vitamin Shoppe and starting looking for this cream.   I found it and out of disbelief that it could actually help me, I also bought another bottle that promised pain relief but cost a lot more.  I went to my car and immediately applied the cream.  Within seconds I could feel the pain lessen.  I thought it was my imagination but it really wasn’t throbbing any more.   I continued to apply the cream and my mobility increased daily and the pain diminished.   A few months later I only felt pain after lifting weights (yes! I returned to my normal exercise routine) and would apply the cream shortly after.   I have now forgot about the cream because I have full range of motion in my arm and do not feel discomfort.

Nature’s Plus Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM-Ultra RX-Joint Cream — 4 fl oz

I would have thought it was just me until I referred it to other people and they had the same result!   I heard comments like, “Is it possible that I would feel relief right away?” and, “OMG, this stuff is amazing.  I owe you big time.”

I hate to know that people are in pain when the solution could be this simple!  I am sharing this awesome find with you – please share!

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