Have you Addressed the Emotional Aspect of Cancer? the Forgotten Inner Child…

I was always told and firmly believe that in order to heal yourself from cancer you need to address the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of yourself.

The physical seems to be the most obvious as we know when we get cancer that there is something physically wrong.  Some like to link of it as a battle and attack the cancer cells.  I prefer to look at it like a detective and figure out what is wrong in the body and try to fix it.  Either way, we have to work to improve the physical condition of our body in order to heal.Image result for emotions

The spiritual aspect also seems to get a lot of attention as we have to come to terms in some fashion as to why we were tasked with such a disease.   We may search for some understanding outside of ourselves as to why we have this challenge in our lives.  We have to give it meaning.  This may mean that we need to make some changes in our lives and it may mean a deeper understanding of our spirituality.  Given that this disease requires a great deal of faith, no matter what treatment path we embark on, we need to seek our truth and get in touch with our true self.  This means dispelling our biggest enemy, fear.    Fear chokes us and makes its presence so obvious that it is hard to ignore.   Many of us then seek out our higher power so that we may get through each day in peace and strength.

The emotional aspect of this disease would be the one that I think would be the easiest to overlook.  I know I did.   Although I really thought I had addressed my emotions, I didn’t realize that they could be so complex and buried so deeply.   At the surface I did not have emotional issues to address.  I didn’t have bad relationships to mend, forgiveness to offer, anger to vent or things in my life that I needed to let go.  I had done most of this work BEFORE my cancer diagnosis.   I actually thought I had already done the emotional work and scratched this one off of my list.

Well, I was wrong.  Apparently there are emotions that go way back to childhood and even genetics that never go away unless you tend to them.   Like me, you may think that what is done is done.  You are an adult now and there is nothing you can do to repair the past.  When the emotional memories from the past present themselves you acknowledge them but don’t think that there is anything you can do about them now.  But if you have had emotional times in your childhood (ages birth to 25 or so) that were not “parented” or addressed properly they continue to show up in your adult life and many times will present themselves as DISEASE if they are tired of being ignored.

These “unparented” emotions can reek havoc on your relationships as you look for others to make you whole or “parent” your inner child.   You and only you, can parent these lost children.  No one else can do the job.  You know they have not been dealt with when you have childish emotions, outbursts, or crying fits.  This is not adult behavior, rather the child who is acting out, trying to be heard.  Many problems ensue when we don’t deal with the unresolved issues of our youth.   The way to properly heal them is through Inner Child work.   I have heard of the term before but never, I mean never, thought it would be so challenging.    I had NO idea but I clearly do have emotional issues and have found, 5 years after my cancer diagnosis, that a complete healing of my body will not happen until this is addressed properly.

I still have issues with the right side of my breast and arm pit.  I have pain and things are stuck and not moving properly possibly due to the surgeries, I am not sure.   I have seen multiple natural health practitioners and they all seem to agree that is not physical, rather emotional.   The right side of the breast is about Release.  So for me it is releasing trapped emotions from my childhood.   The left side is about Receiving (love, etc).

There are many ways to address your Inner Child.   I am working with Reverend Judy Miller Dienst of The Mystery School and she has helped me to get to know little Dee (as in the picture) along with many of the other ages of my inner children that need my love and attention.  I encountered Judy while I was doing research for the book I am writing about fear.  I found her book, A Conversion From Mind to Soul: Three Steps to Recognizing and Bringing Forth Your Soul’s Desire in the library and read it cover to cover.  I was happy to see that she had a website and also took clients.  Eventually I reached out to her.  I had no idea the work that would ensue.  I only knew I had issues and felt I had more to learn and had a compulsion to reach out to her.  I have been working with her to identify my unreleased emotions (oh, they are there and go back a LONG way) and work to heal my inner children.

A healing journey is a lifetime project.  Unless we decide to embark on healing our soul and obtaining a new level of understanding of ourselves and our capabilities, we can be stagnant.  By continuing to work on ourselves our lives and relationships are more fulfilling and our children grow up more whole and less fragmented because we are more whole.   We can only be as good as a parent as we know how to be.  If we are broken, we raise broken children.   Until we fix the broken link, our offspring will continue to feel the effects of our dysfunction.

Although self-discovery can be challenging and time consuming, the rewards are far reaching.  You will not only heal your body but also your soul.  Everyone in your life benefits.  You become whole.  You are no longer broken and no longer need fixing.  The relationships in your life improve and mature.  You no longer need people to act a certain way or help you feel complete.  You are now complete on your own.  You have the skills to parent yourself. You attract more positive people in your life.  In the words I spoke to Judy after a few phone sessions, “I feel so mature.”

If you want to find out more about inner child work there are many books available including, Inner Child: Healing Your Inner Child and Yourself For Life: Your Guide to Happiness, Healing Your Heart’s Wounds and Loving Yourself When You Don’t Know How (Inner Child Healing Series Book 1).  If you really want to learn more about yourself and probe more deeply, Rev. Judy can help you in profound ways.  She is gifted in the ability to work in your body and see the blockages of genetics and past relationships.  She can help you identify the broken inner children. They are so easy to overlook as we have been doing it for so many years.  Her sessions are also healing and very spiritual.  To learn more about her and her amazing testimonies please see her client session offerings.  She offers a free 20 minute phone consultation (720-890-7363) by appointment to get to know her and how she can work with you.

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