Healing Cancer – removing blockages and allowing the body to heal itself

This continues my journey.   Reading back through my notes now is a strange, emotional feeling.   Sharing them with you is an even stranger feeling.  I hope this helps someone.


Been feeling like I am on rocket fuel lately….managing baby, work, house, food, exercise and Christmas very well.  My biggest obstacle has been feeling a sense of guilt as to why cancer healing could be this easy.   Doubt from others also seems to diminish my sense of knowing and well being.

I had a call with Suzanne today and she still felt some blockage in my right side.  She felt there are still remnants of the cancer there but they are not active.  The cancer lady is 100 ft away and said she left things behind.  We need to clear them out of there.   The breathing in love thing is a good thing for me as well as breast feeding.   Also have to practice the blue coeval light thing – letting go of others energy and bringing mine back.   She said that I should not feel like I need to tell everyone about my cancer and the healing but just being healed and allowing it is helping people.   I have some blockage and emotions from my c-section scar.   She said that I am cycling really well.    I should feel the areas around my breast and arm pit and my stomach to find any hot areas.   This is more of an emotional disease for me and not centered around nutrition or spiritual issues.    She wants me to journal how the cycling has worked for me.


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