How Suzanne Clegg Works with People who have Cancer

I have talked about Suzanne Clegg of a lot on this blog.  She was a life saver for me as she was comfortable working with people who had cancer.  She used various methods to help me heal.  She empowered me by letting me know that it was me doing the healing and she was the helper.   With her methods along with the nutritional diagnosis tool, Spectra Vision Bodyscan, I was able to heal my body in just 3 months.  My journey did not end there was still damage to clean up and a few more things to discover but I credit Suzanne for leading the way and getting me out of my “danger zone”.

Here is some more information on her and her work.   I think of her a like a life saving parachute for those who are looking for alternative approach to healing cancer.

This was an interview with me done just a few months after working with Suzanne.  My systems had returned to normal and there was no signs of disease in my body.  I know I was in a bit of shock and disbelief and still felt fragile and wounded.   I did have more work to do but the cancer was under control.  This was 4.5 yrs ago.  Winter 2012.  I was first diagnosed with breast cancer while I was pregnant Summer 2011.  I discovered that the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes in November 2011.  By March I was considered cancer-free and was working to heal from the damage that cancer left behind.  The cancer die-off was especially memorable.  I also had more to learn about my body and where this journey was leading me.  I am still learning and healing but no longer feel threatened by cancer.  I was 44 in this video.


Note from Suzanne Clegg:

“Coming out of the closet” – I am excited to announce that I am now specializing in using and teaching energy medicine for cancer care!

I work with cancer in a four-fold way. The Bengston Energy Healing Method® is an important component, but not the whole of my four-fold approach.  I call what I do the Clegg Resonance Healing Method ™

Cancer. Why did I choose cancer?  I am actually one of the few Americans that does NOT have loads of friends and loved ones who have died of cancer.  I don’t lie awake at night wanting to find a cure for cancer.   I doubt the world will be a better place when cancer is no longer a problem (we will have different problems).  I’m not particularly scared about getting cancer myself.  Never-the-less, I am committing to helping people and animals with cancer.

Why?  It’s something I’ve resisted, but all that resistance is falling away…vanishing…poof…gone!  Cancer is messy and scary and therapies like mine, that don’t attack the cancer (but persuade it to leave on its own), are taboo to those who don’t understand them.   So why am I specializing in energy medicine for cancer?

Because I can.

I can put my hands on a hot cancerous tumor and tell what is happening in the body.  I know how to not energetically engage with the tumor and be present in such a way that the tumor shuts itself off.  It’s fun for me when this happens.  Not only does it help someone live, but the process itself is pleasurable.   As a hot tumor cools down, I experience peace, love, beauty and wonder in a human matter-of-fact way that feels so grounded and real, that it truly is one of my favorite things to do.

I love to model for my patients and students how to BE PRESENT with a tumor without fear—not because they are suppressing fear, and not because it is not dangerous, but because careful observation is more helpful, and I can show them what to look for.  I love empowering my patients to cool down their own tumors, with a deeply personal key they usually find in their heart.  Even though my method is not religious and it doesn’t rely on faith or belief, profound spiritual healing happens regularly.

I also like working with cancer because there is instant gratification.  While we don’t necessarily celebrate until the tumor is completely gone, every treatment that integrates the bio-field energy in a more coherent and organized fashion feels good.  (Quite the opposite of experiences with chemo/radiation.)

Speaking of feeling good.  Yesterday I found out that a patient of mine’s tumor has shrunk 30% since the last time I saw her.  She has had no chemo/radiation.  That’s FUN!!!

Sometimes my treatments result in cures and sometimes they are just palliative, but either way, my patients are supported in their process.  They often experience a spiritual transformation that is unique and perfect for them.

So why the closet?  Maybe it is just timing–something in me or the world needed to mature.  Partly, I was hesitating because I felt alone.  When one walks into a cancer hospital, one is greeted with marble architecture, teams of well-managed professionals.  You feel taken care of by the system.   You are scared and get reassurance that you are getting the best care available.  My patients have thousands of reasons to go with mainstream options and only a few reasons to try my approach:  1) the oncologist doesn’t offer much; 2) they can’t afford expensive options that have next to no likelihood of helping and 3) they feel in the core of their being, that there is another way.

Part of my role as a health professional is to make sure that such people continue to get the medical support they need.  But what if the best care available doesn’t offer much?  What if you have a rapidly growing tumor and the treatment is as bad as the disease?  What if you are pregnant and the chemo will kill your baby for sure and maybe (but only maybe) help you live a little longer? What if you simply know better than to make decisions from fear?

That’s when people look for healers like me.  My method works better on rapidly growing tumors than on slow growing ones, so I don’t hesitate to try with advanced cases.

When my patients come to me, I don’t have institutional support.  I do have:

  • the research of William Bengston (15 peer-reviewed well-controlled university studies of scores of mice healing from otherwise incurable cancer).
  • 7 years experience developing what William Bengston taught me into my own energy medicine approach to cancer.
  • 35 years as a holistic health professional, gathering techniques and tools to  prod the body-mind to heal (nutrition, acupuncture, sound healing, intuition, herbs)
  • 35 years of being told that what I was doing for my patients couldn’t work…and getting results anyway.
  • My familiarity with mainstream medicine so my patients can work with their doctors, not against them.

In the upcoming weeks, I will be sharing the best of what I know.  I am developing training programs for family members and health professionals so they can gain confidence in using energy medicine for cancer.  If you are not immediately involved with cancer,  I can help you easily hold the knowledge that there is another way in your peripheral vision.   I’ll share stories of  cures and examples of how knowing how to treat cancer helps us treat almost anything else better, using energy medicine.

If you are one drop interested in the topic, you are probably bursting with questions, comments, hope, excitement, and even suspense as we see where this takes us.  I want to write content that will be relevant to your questions and concerns about using energy medicine for cancer.

Can you do me a favor?  Can you answer three quick questions for me?  Your answers will help me address your interests regarding energy medicine for cancer.


I look forward to reading your response!
Suzanne Clegg



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