How to Shrink a Tumor according to “Cancer is Not a Disease” by Andreas Moritz

Wow…is all I can say.  I read quickly through the book Cancer is not a Disease by Andreas Moritz and at the very end he spoke directly to me.   I rely heavily on intuition and guidance for answers and continue to ask about the bumps that persist under my right arm.  I have never received a feeling of danger or concern and the feeling I get is that the bumps are just a reminder to keep me on my healing path.   I haven’t had a reason to believe otherwise.  Last night I grew a bit impatient for more answers and asked for help in a more obvious way.   The message came to me today through Andreas Moritz’s book.   It was so profound that I feel the need to share the highlights with you here.

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Here is talks of accepting your situation and loving where you are without the need to fix it.  I have heard this many times from Suzanne Clegg.   It is always nice to see/hear it again in print.  This was a nice reminder for me:


Perceiving a cancer as a threat to your life makes it stressful. Perceiving it as a healing attempt by the body or a solution to an underlying unresolved conflict gives it meaning and purpose and thus it will not invoke a stress response. Eventually there will come a time when you no longer perceive the lump in your chest or the tumor as a problem but as an essential part of a solution to deeper unresolved issue in your life that may have been buried so deep inside you that you weren’t even aware of it. Cancer can bring to the surface what was concealed for a long time and allow you to make peace with it, accept it and even embrace it. A lump in the breast is merely a manifestation of resistance, resistance against yourself, against others or against situations and circumstances.

When it no longer matters to you whether a lump is getting bigger or smaller you will practically stop feeding it with your energies. Healing occurs when there is no more need to fix what you believe is broken. The need to fix it still reflects an incomplete perception or acceptance of yourself based on the fear of not being good enough, strong enough or deserving enough. The lump or tumor helps you to be in touch with that insecurity and vulnerability and transform these into courage and confidence. It challenges you to live happily and enjoy your life even with the cancer. When you have risen to meet this challenge which is achieved through simple acceptance of its deeper meaning and purpose, the need for the cancer will be gone along with the insecurity.



This is another excerpt where he talks about gratitude and releasing fear to change your energetic vibrations.  Once your attitude changes many times the tumor will disappear.   I will stop thinking about my lumps and bumps and the need to fix or change them and only think of them in gratitude and love as I continue to take care and of my body.


It is for you to decide every morning when you wake up whether to spend the day recounting the difficulties you have with the parts of your body that no longer work properly or to be thankful for the ones that do work.  You can do much in terms of self-healing that you may never have thought before. Show your body that you are no longer afraid of it. Place both hands over your diseased organ or gland. Thank the cancer cells for the precious work they have done for you. Give thanks to all of the cells that have managed to keep you alive despite the toxins and congestion that have impeded their work. Infuse them with the life force that is inside you by appreciating them and accepting them back into you awareness and presence. The DNA of your cells can hear you just as well as you can hear someone speaking to you. The body primarily runs by vibration. Expressing gratitude to the cells of your body and for the challenges and blessings life presents you with, acts as one of the most powerful vbrations you can produce. The energy of thank you actually reconnects you with whatever you have separated yourself from. This makes gratitude the major secret and prerequisite for healing to occur. With a renewed, more loving and compassionate attitude toward your cancer cells, remember they are still your body’s cells. You can truly start healing the physical and non-physical causes of cancer.



He also speaks of fear which I loved to read as it is exactly what I have come to learn.   I suggest reading this book to help you on your healing journey.   He talks of the many causes of cancer and also offers a list of natural healing techniques.   Beyond all of that he helps to support the thinking that alternative medicine IS a powerful healing technique for cancer.  He explains how conventional medicine is not the way to truly heal your body.  Cancer is not something that needs to be attacked or conquered but rather understood.    His book and way of thinking spoke to me and helped me to feel stronger in my intuitive beliefs.   There is much support and comfort in seeing your thoughts in words.

In that same way I hope my website helps you.




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