How your Blood Work can help you monitor the overall condition of your body

At first I had no idea how to read my blood work.    I was shocked when I had a blood chemist do a consult with me on the phone in September of 2011 after my breast cancer diagnosis that June.   She told me that my blood numbers were not good.   I was essentially starving to death, my immune system was in the trash and I was toxic.   She couldn’t tell me what I was toxic from but said that I was NOT absorbing the healthy foods I was eating.   My protein levels were low and other markers (which I will post later) showed that they were not in a high enough range for a healthy body.  Keep in mind that my doctors never alerted me to these problems as most of my numbers were considered to be normal according to the laboratory ranges.    Apparently there is another range if you want to be healthy.   I was also told that if you have healthy blood work then your body should be able to get rid of cancer on its own and disease would not develop.

Hearing that my blood work was a mess was both a shock (how did this happen?) and a relief.   It was a relief because I thought I was healthy and if I was healthy – how in the world would I have gotten breast cancer.   My doctors told me that it was purely genetic.   If purely genetic that that would mean there is no way to avoid disease.   That went against my belief that a healthy body does not develop disease.   So knowing my body was in a case of disrepair meant there was something to fix.  I just had to figure out what happened.   The blood chemist could only help me so much.  Thankfully a friend of mine mentioned a Nutrition Center in Langhorne, PA – Advance Nutrition.   They have a body scan device made by SpectraVision.   The device measures the overall health of your body, determines any imbalances including allergies, toxins and give you recommendations on how to heal.

Turns out the big toxin in my body was FUNGUS (major culprit with breast cancer).   I also had parasites and MANY allergies.   The main allergen for me was GLUTEN!      Because of this information I was able to alter my diet – no gluten, and followed the candida diet.   I was then able to stop feeding the fungus and get my immune system back by stopping the main irritant – gluten.   I had a horrible rash at the time and was so itchy.   The itchiness finally subsided and I started to feel vibrant again!   My protein levels came back up and the parasites and fungus eventually disappeared.     I was now absorbing all of my nutrients and finally nourishing my body!   Seeing my blood work improve was a good sign as I knew that my body was now strong enough to get rid of any foreign invaders.   After-all the body gets exposed to cancer-like substances all of the time but is able to get rid of them and not allow them to grow and fester.     If my body is now healthy that to me means that the cancer would not be able to spread.





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