Juicing is a great way to get a lot more vegetables into your diet and to be more alkaline.  I learned that there is no short cut here that you have to make it fresh for the best nutrition.   I try to use organic as much as possible.   The recipe I found to be the most palatable is:

2 carrots

2 celery stalks

1 small beet

hand full of spinach or kale

Juice than squeeze in a whole lemon.  (love those Meyer’s lemons!)


I used to use a green apple but found that my body over-reacted to it and became allergic to them as well.   I then eliminated the apple (and the added sugar) and used the lemon.    It tastes fine even to my son.    Starting at 1 yr – he is now 15 months old – he would drink from my glass and keep coming back for more.    This is from a boy who has never had sugary juice, only water to drink so to him this tastes pretty good!

I remembering dreading making the juice as I thought it was such a chore.   I guess it is the cleaning of the whole juicer and the scrubbing of the filter as well as digging all of the veggies out of the refrigerator.    I have found it less of a chore now as I try to remember how good I feel after I drink it.   I also will do it in steps.   I will take out all of the veggies and put them on a plate and clean them so they are ready to go.   It also serves to remind me that I am due to juice.    I try to do it every other day.    I recently have been adding some Bloody Mary mud into it to make it more interesting.   It makes it spicy and different.

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