Letting go of Fear to Find your Healing Path

Letting go of fear is easier said then done.  I know from experience.  I went through quite an emotional journey before it finally clicked.   I wrote an article on Hub Pages to share the process I went through and some tips for you.    So read the article to help you Let Go of Fear and be able to hear your inner voice and find your healing path.

Everyone’s healing path is different.   For me I knew that it was not a calling to be more healthy (for some it is).   For me I knew it was not a calling to take a mystery supplement (or more supplements for that matter).   For me I knew it was not a calling to die.    My biggest frustration was trying to figure out what happened to my body to get this disease and why did I get it after working so hard to clean out my life?   What more could I possibly learn.?    All I can say is that once I outlined my healing protocol I felt a sense of peace and excitement which confirmed that I was on the right path for me.    The body can heal itself.  Treating it with kindness and love instead of poison and hate is so important.   I pray for you to find your healing path and hope my experiences help you!



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