Lumps Under Armpit – Lymphatic Congestion – Seroma

I have had a lump under my armpit where the breast cancer was and sentinel node biopsy was done.  It started about 9 months after the sentinel node biopsy was done.  I was very concerned at first but I realized that I was doing everything I could to maintain my health.  I also had fixed many of the problems that I uncovered in my body with the help of the Spectravision Bodyscan technology.   I had also had a great state of mind and had mastered a way to heal myself with the help of Suzanne Clegg.   I had a thermogram done on the area and it came back normal.  Intuitively I felt that it had to be lymph congestion spurred on by the surgery.

As time has passed that area gets worse.  I notice that it is usually after a bad cold or other sickness (particularly the instances I had with radiation poisoning).    I had searched on the web in the past and came up with no answers to support my theory – only information on lymphedema which is more like swelling which I don’t have.  Since I have followed my intuition so well and strongly throughout my healing process I had to keep the faith.  I had to believe that I WAS healthy and that it was not a return of cancer.   Since I have stepped out of my fearful thinking …guess what I found the next time I searched for an answer?


I found a picture of something called a seroma that looks almost exactly like what I have going on under my arm.



Seroma after breast surgery is defined as a serous fluid collection that develops under the skin flaps or in the axillary dead space following mastectomy and/or axillary dissection. The origin of seroma remains unclear but several risk factors and predictors are age, breast size, comorbid conditions, presence and number of malignant nodes in the axilla, previous surgical biopsy, and use of heparin or tamoxifen [46]. It has been hypothesized that seromas form as an exudate from an acute inflammatory reaction following surgical trauma [6] to increase serous fluid collection in response to increased fibrinolytic activity in serum and lymph [7]. Low fibrinogen levels in seromas compared with those in plasma during the postoperative period [8] support the hypothesis that seroma most likely originates from lymph [9]. Seroma formation is influenced by an array of surgical techniques and devices [1013]; thus, leading to varying incidence of seroma in different studies.


I have yet to figure out what to do about the seroma but I do find that it is not sore if I take Curcumin.  Right now I take Life Extension’s brand.  One daily does the trick for me:

Life Extension Super Bio-curcumin, 400mg, Vegetarian Capsules, 60-Count

I have been applying everything I can think of topically but nothing seems to make much of a difference.  Lately I decided to try comfrey oil which actually feels comforting.   How I know is that I am not constantly touching the area – rather I can forget about it.

Dr. Christopher’s Original Formulas Comfrey Ointment, 2 Ounce


When I am fighting a cold or not eating particularly well it seems to swell and hurt, that is how I suspected lymphatic congestion in the first place.  As anyone that has lumps remaining after breast cancer they can be rather concerning.  I feel like this is a test for me as to whether I really have overcome the “fear” of breast cancer.  I am doing well with it and am praying that I find a way (without attachment =) ) to heal the remaining imbalances in my body.   As Andreas Moritz says in his book, Cancer Is Not a Disease – It’s a Survival Mechanism

“You can do much in terms of self-healing that you may never have thought before. Show your body that you are no longer afraid of it. Place both hands over your diseased organ or gland. Thank the cancer cells for the precious work they have done for you. Give thanks to all of the cells that have managed to keep you alive despite the toxins and congestion that have impeded their work. Infuse them with the life force that is inside you by appreciating them and accepting them back into you awareness and presence. The DNA of your cells can hear you just as well as you can hear someone speaking to you. The body primarily runs by vibration. Expressing gratitude to the cells of your body and for the challenges and blessings life presents you with, acts as one of the most powerful vibrations you can produce. The energy of thank you actually reconnects you with whatever you have separated yourself from. This makes gratitude the major secret and prerequisite for healing to occur. With a renewed, more loving and compassionate attitude toward your cancer cells, remember they are still your body’s cells. You can truly start healing the physical and non-physical causes of cancer”.

His words really speak to me and give me peace.  Looking at cancer or any ailment in this manner is so much more appealing than the feeling of fear that my body has turned against me.  Thanks, love and gratitude….I can do that!



  1. A nice thing to do to reduce lymph node swelling is to eat Vanilla Beans…Same anti inflammatory effect as the topical Comfrey…

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