Maple Syrup and Baking Soda Tonic for Detox and Cancer

With so many differing opinions on treatment for both detoxifying your body and also for cancer treatment, it can be hard to know what to believe.  Although modern medicine certainly has its place and we owe our medical professionals plenty of appreciation and gratitude, more and more people are opening their minds to alternative cures or prevention. These are sometimes considered as complete alternatives to modern medicine and sometimes in conjunction with it. With our ability to obtain a wealth of information at our fingertips from the safety and comfort from our own homes through technology, alternative medicine has welcomed into its fold numerous new believers from all walks of life.

One treatment that is gaining momentum and attention is the combination of maple syrup and baking soda.  We know that 100% pure maple syrup, like honey, has a host of benefits for our bodies.  It has the added benefit of being able to improve health while offering a great taste. Baking soda has long been touted as a miraculous product to have around the house, not only for baking but for it’s wonderful cleaning purposes, or even as an alternative for toothpaste.  So what do you get when you combine these two wonderful ingredients?  Something pretty amazing.

It might seem too good to be true, but there are a number of cancer survivors who say they owe their renewed lease on life to baking soda and maple syrup.  The science is that once blended, the baking soda “hides” inside the seemingly innocent maple syrup.   Cancer cells are reported to love sugar, but when they absorb the maple syrup blend, the baking soda makes an appearance and changes the alkalinity of the cancer cell allowing in far too much oxygen for the cancer cell to handle; in effect killing it.  This method is known as the “Trojan Horse” for good reason.

Baking soda binds with harmful chemicals and metals that can harm your organs and lower your natural immunity, leaving you susceptible to further illness.  When the baking soda binds to these elements, it takes them with it as it travels through your system and removes them from your bloodstream.  A regular oral dose of baking soda doesn’t sound all that appealing, but when mixed with maple syrup, it becomes a healthy way to get your daily intake that won’t make you grimace.

To prepare your immune boosting mixture, take one part of baking soda and mix with three parts of maple syrup.  (Some sources recommend that you use an aluminum-free baking soda but HBCN’s finding is that baking soda does not have aluminum and that claiming that a baking soda is aluminum-free is merely a marketing ploy.  They are confusing us with Baking POWDER which may contain aluminum.  Any baking soda would work fine for this purpose.)  Heat the mixture in a pot on the stove, being very careful to heat only the lowest temperature and long enough to dissolve the baking soda, but not to burn the syrup. Wait for the texture and color to be creamy.  It should taste like candy.  If your blend tastes awful, you’ve burnt the syrup and will have to start over.  Store the mixture at room temperature, but toss anything that lasts over 10 days.  Take 3 – 5 teaspoons daily.


Thank you to Jon Reyes who wrote the bones of this article. Jon is a guest author from Steam and Shower UK and is a respected and expert voice in a plethora of health related subjects with over 10 years of writing under his belt.




  1. I just tried making the baking soda and maple syrup recipe. It didn’t burn, but the baking soda didn’t completely dissolve even though cooked it for over 25 minutes. Is the texture supposed to be a little gritty>

    • Hi Jo,
      When I make it I use only 3T maple syrup to about 1 T baking soda. I put the stove on simmer and stir. It seems to take only a few minutes to blend and then a few more to get creamy. It is not gritty. Maybe you made a larger serving? I have done it where the heat was too high and it bubbled and must have burned because it tasted horrible. I always make a small amountown at a time.

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