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Suzanne Clegg of has worked with me both in person and distance.   She is in Long Island, NY.   There is quite a difference in the treatments but she always got me back on track with the telephone sessions.   The in-person treatments were/are amazing.  I will continue to see her periodically as she helps heal so many areas of your life.   A healthy body can get rid of disease.   I am determined to keep mine healthy.


There is also a video testimony of me on her website from back in March after all of the cancer seemed to be gone.   A big part of this disease is dealing with the emotional aspects of it.   Suzanne helped me to be strong again and to get in touch with my inner strength and guides to find the power within me to let it go.   She teaches you to get it (the cancer) out of your body (visually) and it really helps to learn the rapid image cycling yourself.


Suzanne is a medical intuitive as well and can actually see the cancer in your body and how things get stuck in certain areas.    She works to cool tumors.   I could feel the tingling where the cancer was – first in my breast – then in my arm pit.    I always knew when I was on the right track to healing when my right side felt strong and normal like my left side.   She taught me how to keep the energy flowing and to get rid of the negative, plaguing, dooming, “I have cancer, OMG” thoughts.   

I remember going through my day happily feeling good and suddenly I would remember I had cancer and then my right arm would start to tingle and I would feel sick and worried.    At those times I would practice what she taught me as well as do the rapid image cycling until the bad feelings went away.   The more I tackled the bad feelings the less frequently they would “visit” until my mind “kicked” the cancer away.   

Visits with her would confirm how I was already feeling.    She was always spot on with what I already knew intuitively about what was going on with my body.    What she “saw” and what the nutrition center (SpectraVision – Body Scan) was finding were always in sync.   That and my own ability to be in tune with my body helped me to validate her as a healer and not a quack.     She helped me in so many ways.   She strengthened my confidence in my ability to heal myself.    She never takes the credit for healing as she says that we do it ourselves and she is just helping it along.  If you talk to her she is very honest about what she can and cannot do.

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