My Cancer Journey and How I Stay True to Myself

I recently published a Hub article entitled Breast Cancer – You Can Say No to Chemo and Standard of Care.    It is about my cancer journey and the strength it took to battle “the system”.  Anyone who has opted for the alternative route to heal themselves of cancer knows just what I am talking about. It takes a strong person in their time of fear and complete vulnerability to stand up to the medical community and say NO.

  • No – I won’t sit in a chair while you put an IV of poisons in my blood (chemo)
  • No – The worst thing about chemo is not that you lose your hair (words from my Oncologist visit)
  • No – I don’t feel comfortable radiating my breasts
  • No – I won’t take your estrogen drugs and go abruptly into menopause
  • No – I will not remove my ovaries


Going against the norm is not easy. For me it was something I HAD to do as I had vowed years ago that I would always remain true to myself. Being true to myself now meant that I was going to heal by listening to my body and not drugging it. I wanted to find out why my well-maintained body (some people considered me a health nut) succumbed to cancer and, NO, it was not just due to genetics.

I wanted to find out what was going on in my body – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I wanted to know what the problem/s were and I wanted to fix them.  I wanted to heal myself and not just treat myself.  I didn’t want to think of the cancer as the enemy or something I had to fight. I wanted to think of it as a sign of trouble in my body. I wanted my body to know I was listening and that I would help to fix what was wrong.  In this article I wrote about what I considered to be my biggest obstacle (after the fear).  For me it was going against authority.

Previously I had just done what I wanted regarding my health with no one to answer to. Now I had my family, friends and the medical doctors all pushing me to heal in the conventional way. Being pregnant did not help my situation as that was used to scare me….”you have to consider your baby”. I was considering my child!  I was thinking I wanted to be a healthy Mom when he was born.

I wanted to be alive past the five year statistics. I did not want to live in fear of my body and what chaos might be brewing. I did not want to wear the pink ribbon. I did not want the pink objects I was given. I did not want to be part of this club I never asked to join. In the article I also outlined the 4 things that helped me the most with my healing.

I know my healing journey will never end. I will always be listening to my body with a more magnified ear and not ignore any signs or symptoms. I may, however, find myself overly concerned about every pain, irritation, illness or moment of fatigue. I doubt I will ever go back to the lax attitude I had before. My body has my attention. I will continue to stay on top of my health and make sure all is in order. I will continue to live by the motto that cancer does not live in a healthy body. That along with listening to my gut and my God will keep me on the path of health and vitality…..I think, I hope, I believe ….

See my Hub page article:

Breast Cancer – You Can Say No to Chemo and Standard of Care


  1. This is a very motivating article. All to often people do not take an active role in defining their treatment and what they will or will not tolerate. I will share this with my network.

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