My Journey as I worked to heal myself from Stage 2 Breast Cancer Naturally

Story continued…. (continued from —How I worked to heal myself of stage 2 breast cancer naturally).


I kept a journal with notes as I went through my natural healing plan to get rid of my Stage 2 breast cancer without radiation, without chemotherapy, without additional surgeries, without harmful testing, and without drugs.

They are a bit rough but I think you may relate and you can see how it unfolds.


Still trying to master the imaging technique that Suzanne Clegg teaches as well as looking for ways to get cheaper, less invasive measure for monitoring my improvements.

I am going to try to use a film strip to go through my first 7 images (Rapid Imaging or Cycling) quickly rather than trying to think of the word.   Had remote healing today.  Can still feel my stomach a little but the presence of my right arm has subsided.

She called me a liver type and that I need to enhance my esoteric being by being outside in nature once a day.  I also need to release fear:  stretching helps, exercise, acupuncture, breathing in love for the present moment and breathing out love through my breasts for the future.  Cycling will also help.    Cancer feeds on fear so it doesn’t help to suppress it.  It also is not great to release it as it causes anxiety in everyone around you.

She mentioned buying veggies that I cut up myself and that I eat everything after I make it.  Buying locally gives the body what the people in the area need for nourishment.   If you plant seeds – put them in your mouth first so the plants can growth with the nutrients your body needs.   Let inner guidance tell you what to eat and what foods you need.  (Maybe I should have listened this morning when I was reaching for the chocolate protein and my head hit the cupboard?)

A person on the help boards mentioned this about tests for breast cancer:

I did a lot of research for my latest book (which should be released in January or February) on this topic but I could not find anything I felt was totally reliable. Circulating tumor cells can be used as a marker but a negative test does not mean cancer is not present. To stay healthy and minimize the chance of cancer recurring, I recommend monitoring vitamin D levels, Omega 6 to omega-3 fatty acid levels, for women with estrogen receptor positive cancers, urinary estrogen levels.

Shawn Messonnier DVM

Urinary estrogen levels….

See here for more details:  (never did do this but was ready to..)

The main tumor markers for breast cancer are CA15-3 and CEA. For ovarian
CA125. Sometimes you can see double cancers such as breast and ovarian.
For the bones I would use ICTP. In general I would always check ALP and
LDH plus gamma-GTP. These are your liver markers. If there are
metastases to the liver, these markers will start to go up at some
point, or there is some other liver dysfunction which you wouldn’t want.

Other good indicators are copper and zinc. Many people with cancer have
high copper levels, especially as the cancer progresses, or the copper
to zinc ratio is high. With higher copper levels there seems to be
increased risk of angiogenesis (growing of blood vessels).

Every cancer can produce different markers. If all markers are normal it
doesn’t necessarily mean there is no cancer, but if you do find a marker
that is elevated, you have something to monitor for change. If you
check again later there could be a change over time too. Watch the
change to decide treatment success.

It also good to keep an eye on HbA1c and Insulin level to see if you
have too much sugars and carbohydrates in the diet. If these are
elevated you’ll want to get on a very low carbohydrate diet, because
high sugars, high insulin and (breast) cancer are not a good
combination. I’m wondering if some of the anti-diabetes supplements are
useful for cancer, to keep blood sugars down. These include things such
as Gymnema sylvestre, Fenugreek, Vanadium and Chromium, Cinnamon and
Bitter Melon.

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