Natural Headache Relief – Don’t Wake Up with a Headache Again!


Headaches can really slow you down.  It seems the more you have to rely on painkillers the less they seem to work.  I try to use them sparingly and only when I am completely desperate for immediate relief.  Through years of experience dealing with sinus headaches and neck pain from a car accident, I have tried many natural remedies to relief myself from pain.   I try to avoid the situations, like over-exertion, that cause my most severe headaches, but I am not always successful.

I don’t know if you are like me but if I go to bed with a headache I generally wake up with one that compounds throughout the day.  I am not one to take pain killers and I find that they don’t always do the job on some types of headaches.  The kind of headache that I get usually last for 3 days.  They are mild but really limit my daily activities.   My headaches feel like neck pain or even sinus pain and are usually triggered by too much activity at the gym.   When pain goes from the neck to the head to the sinuses it hard to know what to do or how to treat it.  I know that if I go to bed in that kind of discomfort I am doomed the next day.   Ice has always been my remedy but lately I figured out just where to apply it and how to wake up headache free!   My usual 3 day headaches are now down to one day (generally resolved after I go to bed).



When you feel a headache coming on and you can lay down or it is night time, take a large ice pack out of the freezer.  Find the place on the top of your head that hurts the most when you press on it.   Place the ice pack on this spot (It may not be easy to keep it there but position the pillows in such a way that you can fall asleep in this position.)   You know if you have the right spot if you feel relief when you apply the ice pack.   I used to put the ice where I felt the pain on my neck or the side of my head.   Although it fe

lt good it never helped my headache.   Keep moving the ice

pack until you feel the spot that relieves the pain.   It is usually the highest point on the head.   Try to fall asleep or rest in this position.



If you feel sinus pain try putting a garlic clove or tablet in your nostril until your nose runs.   This will unclog your nasal passages and should relieve the congestion in a matter of minutes.

With these natural approaches you should never wake up with a headache again.  You just have to make sure you remember the ice and garlic!


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