Niacin (B3) as Part of Your Detox Program

I read where someone uses niacin (vitamin B-3) to cleanse her lymph system.   Upon some research I found that it may be worth a try.  Good thing I read up on it and understood about the niacin flush or I would have been a bit alarmed by the symptoms that followed.

I took a 500mg tablet (from Life Extension) and then I forgot about it.   I was getting ready to get in the shower when I felt like my neck and face were on fire.   It then spread to my chest and entire body.   I felt like I had a bad sunburn along with the tingly horrible itchiness that would accompany it.   I took my shower and felt like it was getting worse.   Like a true sunburn it also made me feel very cold.   I had to get a warm blanket as my body continued to feel feverish.   It finally started to subside about about 30-6o minutes.   I wasn’t sure I wanted to take another one the next day but of course I did.

The next day the discomfort was not as intense and did not last as long.  It also took longer after taking the tablet for me to feel the heat.   I still felt extremely cold and needed a blanket to soothe my discomfort.   This time it only lasted about 30 minutes or so.

The third day the discomfort took a lot longer to notice after taking the tablet.   I felt the heat and itchiness but it did not make me so cold that I needed a blanket.  I think it lasted less than 30 minutes and was definitely a lot less intense.

You may ask why I would put myself through so much agony.  It is all for the joy of cleansing my body and hopefully helping to flush my lymphatic system.  The niacin flush means that your body is healthy and responding by opening its capillaries.  By opening the capillaries it can move the toxins through more efficiently.   It also helps the fat cells.  Many people use niacin to lower LDL cholesterol.  They say niacin is an essential part of a good body cleanse.

If you want to avoid the niacin flush you can start by taking less than 500mg (100mg)  and increasing your dosage slowly.   Apparently your body gets used to the niacin and you will not have to feel the flush.   Eventually my body will get used to the 500mg and I should not feel much after taking it.   Today is day 4 and it has been a few hours.  I do not feel the flush but I do feel itchy, especially in my legs.

(The information below has been supplied by The Cleansing Authority.)

Why Niacin

The ingestion of niacin within a cleansing product causes the capillary vessels to expand in size. The capillaries are generally so small that the red blood cells, for the most part, pass through them in single file, one at a time.  There are large arteries near the heart, and they get smaller and smaller as they extend from the heart to the skin surface. At the end of every large artery is a very large network of capillaries.  There are thousands of miles capillaries in the body. It is the capillaries that transport the red blood cells, which nourish the cells of the body and carry away the impurities from the cells.  Now, add into this equation the fact that most of the potentially toxic impurities in the body are stored in fat cells.   These fat cells can hold onto impurities for years, never letting them go until some “event” (like sweating, bouncing, deep breathing or exercise) occurs. Then, the fat cells surrender their impurities as
they eventually, for the most part, end up in the lymph fluids of the lymphatic system.  Much of the disease that plagues mankind certainly comes from the constant residual build of impurities.  These fat cells, like the millions
of others within the body, are all within a fraction of a millimeter of some capillary, but if a specific capillary is clogged (as most often they are), and if the blood cells move through them only one at a time (single file), then you can see that there is not much chance for those impurities to be cleaned up by the restricted flow of blood of smaller vessels.  If you could find something that would increase the size of the capillaries, and not cause any harmful or adverse reaction, you can see how beneficial this would be to the body while cleansing. Welcome Niacin!
In fact, niacin does this very well as it causes these thousands of miles of tiny capillaries to become more flexible and more elastic causing the vessels to expand in size, thus helping the heart to increase the blood flow.  It is this phenomenon that contributes to the in crease in the size of the capillaries. As the capillaries expand a rash or light red blotches may appear on the skin, especially around the neck, back and arms. Some people may experience itching also.  There are indeed thousands of miles of these capillaries throughout the body that are close to the skin’s surface. The major arteries are not near the surface of the skin! The skin, is nourished by these smaller capillaries, and as the capillaries expand as result of Niacin, some people can actually see the skin getting redder as the blood flow increases.


Niacin does wonders for your body besides opening up those vessels and increasing blood flow, it helps transport nutrients to areas that need them, and it helps the body transport out some of those impurities that can contribute to illness, fatigue and premature aging.  Scientific studies have documented that niacin is the safest way of reducing cholesterol, without any medication. It’s also very safe.
While the larger organs of the body have blood supplied from larger arteries, the vessels particularly the near the surface (skin and surface areas) get their supply of nutrient-rich blood (oxygen, water and food!) from these small capillaries. So, if those capillaries are too small and are not carrying the blood, then those parts of the body are not getting adequate nourishment, water and oxygen and the impurities are not being removed.  The niacin helps these small capillaries to get larger and enables the capillaries to carry two or three nutrient rich blood cells to the cells of the body at the same time. This is a tremendous increase in blood flow.

Niacin Flush

The flushing, (itching, hive like appearance) is normal and will not harm you in any way.  When you get that “flush” that means that the small blood vessels in your body are expanding in size because of the niacin contained within the cleanse you are using.
Reddening of the skin and itching is normal, simply because there is much more blood flowing close to the surface of the skin.  As this blood flows in these areas, the cells of the small capillaries will be able to get rid of waste products, and will produce “histamine” as part of that process.  Histamine causes an “itchy” feeling.   Niacin is indeed very effective and safe in lowering low-density lipoprotein cholesteroland triglyceride levels and also in increasing high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels.
Studies have shown that niacin has reduced the incidence of cardiovascular events and controlled the progression of coronary artery lesions.  It may be the most cost-effective lipid-lowering, natural, nutrient currently available.  Some cleanses contain Niacinamide where there is relatively no flush from the niacin. Niacinamide was deliberately manufactured to eliminate the flush. While there are certain benefits from Niacinamide,there is no compromise for niacin.


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