Not Getting What You WANT in Your Life? Maybe You Need to BELIEVE…

Many of us struggle with things that we want in our life.  We pray.  We ask.  We hope.  BUT – do we BELIEVE?    That is a great thing to contemplate.


The Universe always says, “Yes” to everything you think, feel and say.  You don’t get what you ask for, you don’t get what you pray for, you get what you believe.

quote from:

A Conversion From Mind to Soul: Three Steps to Recognizing and Bringing Forth Your Soul’s Desire by Rev. Judy Miller-Dienst

It is frustrating to struggle with wanting something in your life and trying to be patient and wait.  Some of us want healing, some want a life partner, some want financial relief, and some of us want all three!   Whatever your needs and wants are, if you are not getting it in your life, it isn’t because you aren’t worthy or allowed to get it, it may simple mean you thinking is off!   According to Rev. Judy Miller-Dienst we need to work on our beliefs.

Do you believe healing is possible?  Do you believe there is a perfect mate out there waiting for you?   Do you believe that you are worthy of financial security, or that is possible for you?   You may be tempted to say YES to these questions but your thoughts, words and actions have to match this answer.

All too often I hear statements like:

  • “I will never get better.”
  • “There are no good guys left out there.”
  • “I am broke.  I struggle to pay my bills every month.”

Each of these are affirmations professing the opposite – disbelief.

Check your thinking.  It is one of belief?    Probably not.

Let’s work on our BELIEF thinking:

  • “Healing is possible for me.  I am finding new ways to improve my health every day.”
  • “I haven’t found my guy yet, but he is out there.”
  • “I continue to find new ways to earn money.  The possibilities are endless and I attract them into my life.”

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