A Simple Way to Flush your Lymph System

While searching for ways to flush my lymph system I came upon this simple method.   I tried it and could really feel the thumping in my right hand as I pressed it under my left armpit.   The difficult part for me was staying still for 15 minutes while I did this exercise!  Other than that […]

Exercises to Help Drain Your Lymphatic System

After the surgery that removed two of my lymph nodes my body now has a problem removing waste from that area.  Things accumulate under my skin when I am fighting a cold or illness.  I am always looking for ways to support my lymph system.  With these exercises along with regular exercise, sauna, rebounding, and […]

Pressure Point to Relieve Constipation or Just Reduce Your Time Spent in the Bathroom

When I was first potty training my son I would find myself sitting in the bathroom for a good part of the day.  We would read books, magazines and even have snacks and drinks …all in the bathroom while waiting for him to do his business.   This became tiring after a while so I searched […]

Needle Biopsies CAN Spread Cancer

This subject is near and dear to my heart as I am quite certain that the needle biopsy I had done when I was pregnant made my tiny cancerous situation much worse.  I had an Estrogen/Progesterone + cancer.  A needle (actually multiple needles) was put into the tiny cancerous lump making holes allowing it into […]

Great Homemade Deodorant – Lymph Detox and Varicose Vein Health

Thanks Sari Grove for sharing your recipe for this wonderful deodorant! I wanted to try it for a detox of my lymph nodes but found that it also works as an amazing natural deodorant.  Possibly better than anything I have tried on the market.   From what I have read you only use a tiny bit.  […]

Ways to Balance Your Estrogen Naturally without Drugs

One of the drugs most Oncologists push on those who have had or have estrogen    positive cancer is Tamoxifen or other hormone blocking drugs.   The drugs artificially block the estrogen in your body and can cause many uncomfortable side effects like an immediate introduction to menopause.    I never felt comfortable with this idea and instead […]

Lemon and Cayenne Pepper Detox Drink – Cancer Fighters

I recently read an article about how beneficial drinking a glass of lemon water (water with 1 whole lemon squeezed into) first thing in the morning.   I have always preached this mostly to my weight-loss clients who were struggling with sugar and salt addictions.  Having been previously a sugar addict, and still recovering I know […]

Determine if a Breast Lump is Malignant or Benign at Home

I was reading an article and came across a blog post about a way to do your own mammogram with your camera and iphoto software.  The blog post also tells you how to interpret the pictures and then how to treat it.  This was a very empowering for me to read as it is nice […]

Books that Support Saying No to Chemo and Conventional Treatments

I remember when I was first diagnosed with breast cancer Iwent to the book store and picked up a number of books searching for information to support my holistic way of thinking.   Many of the books I found at the time did not.   The biggest source of comfort I received was from the book Knockout […]

Could Breast Cancer be a Fungus?

I found this article on the site – The Truth About Cancer and wanted to share it.  From what I have heard from natural practitioners is that almost all people with breast cancer also have an issue with fungus.   (I have also heard that a vast majority also have issues with pesticide poisoning.) I know […]

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