Pressure Point to Relieve Constipation or Just Reduce Your Time Spent in the Bathroom

When I was first potty training my son I would find myself sitting in the bathroom for a good part of the day.  We would read books, magazines and even have snacks and drinks …all in the bathroom while waiting for him to do his business.   This became tiring after a while so I searched the internet for a pressure point that might help us speed things up a bit.   The miracle pressure point I found is at the cusp of the front of the elbow on the edge of the crease of your arm (as shown below).    Believe it or not this has been what I call the magic button.  It works just about every time to speed things up.   See if it works for you!


The point on the elbows

This point is situated on both the elbows, at the end of the crease that is formed when the hand is bent such that it is perpendicular to the ground. This point should be stimulated using circular motions of the thumb and index finger, which has been found to be most effective in stimulating this point. However, it can also be stimulated with the help of knuckles or by gentle tapping motions. The point should be stimulated for approximately 20 to 30 seconds. The stimulation of this point helps the stomach to contract, a mechanism necessary for effective digestion and waste removal process. When this point is stimulated, it immediately relieves constipation. When followed regularly over a period of time, the stimulation of this point on the elbows cures constipation altogether. (Pregnant women should seek alternative therapies to cure constipation as the applying of acupressure on certain points can lead to untimely contractions, and can cause harm to the unborn fetus.)


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